Journal entry – 6.6.2017

It is Tuesday morning on June 6th, 2017.  It is a gray and foggy morning and just now I hear the garbage truck slowly making its way down the street.  Then I hear the roar of its engine and squeaking of its breaks I am startled for a split second thinking if I have put the garbage out or not.  Only once in six years have I forgotten yet the sound triggers the thought.

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – Karate presentation

World Oyama Karate put on a demonstration at the 2017 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival.  I’ve always enjoyed the festival but have never actually participated myself except for the preparation of the Japan Airlines float many years ago.  My demonstration was called ‘kihon sono 4’ and we made BaySpo, (2017年4月14日) the Japanese language newspaper in San Francisco.


Journal Entry – After Fighter’s Cup

It is now 6:19 AM and I have little time to write.  I’m battered bruised and sore from the tournament yesterday: the joint on my left big toe is swollen, my right wrist stiff, I have huge bumps which will turn into bruises on my shins and a huge bruise on my left bicep.  I think when I take off my shirt this morning there will be bruises all over the place as I feel pretty sore all along my torso.

Fighter’s Cup

It is 6:08 AM on Sunday morning, March 5th, 2017.  Today is the day of our very first Fighter’s Cup.  It seems to be more on my mind than my son’s who is happily playing on his iPad on the couch seemingly without a care in the world.

He is lucky because he is in the easiest division: beginners are white, blue and yellow belts and he is also in the youngest age group (4-6) when kicks and punches really don’t hurt much.  He is a six year old yellow belt so at the best end on both criteria for the bracket