Journal Entry – 3.29.2018

It is 8:27 AM on Thursday March 29th.  We’re getting unusually warm weather which makes it feel like spring.  Yes, it is spring but the weather doesn’t change too much year around here in the Bay like it does in Ohio.  You don’t get that feeling of euphoria on a really nice day like you […]

Journal Entry – 3.22.2018

It is Thursday March 22nd, 2018.  It has been a while since my last journal entry due to a couple of things. The first was I ended up winning Best in Class again for 2017 which meant a trip to Jamaica.  I was glad to win of course but to be honest I wasn’t as […]

Journal Entry – 2.12.2018

It is 4:11 AM on Monday February 12th.  I haven’t written in a while due to Zelda Breath of the Wild which I started playing about a month ago. I haven’t played a console game in two decades but had always wanted to play Zelda as a kid.  I am surprised how good it is […]

Journal Entry – 1.20.2017

It is 3:48 AM on Saturday, January 20th 2018.  I woke up around 3:00 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep so why not get some things accomplished in the quiet, still morning? I’ve had a nasty cold for the past two weeks and so haven’t gone to karate class.  Our Shihan never asks where […]