A Practical Guide to Understanding Your Children


How to understand our young is a question that has plagued the older generations for centuries.  In the common mentality that pervades the thought within a generation, it seems that the young simply get worse every preceding age group.  For them, morals and accepted methods of social interaction are tossed on their head, and the young simply refuse to conform to their peaceful and established world. 

Arrival in Japan

     It is now 4:43 in the morning and I am sitting in my new room jet lagged as hell.  I spent all day yesterday traveling to get here.  I left home at 9am and did not arrive in Japan until 3 am.  Then I didn’t get to the apartment until about 6am Ohio time.  My first impressions are obvious.  Everyone here is Japanese and speaks Japanese!  All the signs are in Japanese.  I cannot understand why the Americans here do not learn the language.  I cannot survive here if I do not learn the language!