Check-in at 40 part two

It is 5:11 AM on Friday, May 11th. Check-in at 40 part one In a previous post  mentioned that things were changing and that I felt a new chapter of my life has begun.  The turning of the page has become even more a reality in the past two days which have extended beyond just […]

Check-in at 40 years old

It is 4:3.0 AM on Tuesday May 8th.  I woke up at 3:30 AM and got all my chores done which were:  throw the compost garbage out, put dishes away, wash dirty dishes, get coffee ready and drink wheat grass.  It sounds like this would only take a couple of minutes but getting it all […]

Journal Entry – 4.28.18

It is 4:30 AM.  I’ve been exercising and going to karate a lot recently and when I have a good workout I will always wake up early, it never fails.  I really did want to sleep more but then thoughts enter my head as vivid dreams fade away and the day starts. The winds of […]


It is 8:27 PM on Thursday April 26th, 2018.  We had pizza night and I always regret pizza night right after I’ve eaten too many pieces. I named this post ‘craziness’ due to a couple of thoughts running through my mind.  Artificial Intelligence Recently I’ve started doing the jumble in the mornings in The Columbus […]

Journal Entry – 4.23.2018

It is 8:25 PM on Monday April 23rd, 2018.  This is my inaugural post on my new Dell Inspiron 3000 notebook. I had been accumulating prepaid gift cards and absolutely hate the “maintenance fees” on those so wanted to use them as quickly as possible.   The problem is they can be impossible to use […]