Journal entry – 6.6.2017

It is Tuesday morning on June 6th, 2017.  It is a gray and foggy morning and just now I hear the garbage truck slowly making its way down the street.  Then I hear the roar of its engine and squeaking of its breaks I am startled for a split second thinking if I have put the garbage out or not.  Only once in six years have I forgotten yet the sound triggers the thought.

Journal Entry – 5.25.2017

Tomorrow is my 40th birthday.  As I’ve said before I’ve felt like I’ve already reached 40 for a couple of months now but tomorrow it is for real.

Turning 40 reminds me of two things my parents said.  When I was young my Mom told me she never thought she’d be turning 40; life went so quickly and 40 was fast approaching.  At that moment I thought that 40 years of age was an infinity, an age that was so far into the future it would seem like an eternity to get there.  Well, here I sit, on a blustery, overcast day in May, thousands of miles away from where I grew up and 35 years older.

Journal Entry 5.10.2017

The time is 6:11 AM; I have very little time to write in peace before everyone wakes up.

An interesting thing happened the other day.  I’ve been stressed and anxious for many months about work.  This is normal for an Account Manager because there is always the fear of losing accounts, of management restructuring yet again, of new initiatives, rollouts and so on which are never ending in today’s corporate environment.

Journal Entry – 5.8.2017

It is 5:56 AM on Monday, May 8th.  It is a little later than I’m used to for a blog post; the household is going to wake up in about thirty minutes so I don’t have too much time.

The weekend went quickly.  Friday was Cinco de Mayo but we stayed in and did nothing special.  Brandon and Peter sent me messages around 8:00 PM telling me to come up and have a drink with them.  Their families had gotten together for dinner and by that time they had had some drinks and wanted me to join.  I was already in bed and my phone in another room and so I heard the message notification but did not get up to go check the phone.  For me, my day was done and any messages could wait until the morning.

Journal Entry – 5.4.2017

It is 5:42 AM on May 4th 2017.  Life has been a blur recently and I haven’t had time to write a journal entry.

This is the month where I turn 40.  This significant birthday has been looming on the horizon for some time now and made me feel as though I had turned forty some time ago.  My body has also let me know that I’m not twenty anymore with it being much stiffer the next morning after karate or a workout.  The only time I feel extremely loose is after karate practice but then pay for it the next day.