Elementary School Programming in 1985!

Watching Stranger Things on Netflix makes me think about my childhood.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons it is so popular:  it is set in the ’80s and so for the 37-45 crowd we’re reminded of our own childhoods with the bikes, riding out in the woods, and those fantastic walkie-talkies to keep in communication.

But it was the scene where Bob mentioned Basic to override the lockdown system which resurrected a very old memory of mine I had forgotten about.

Journal Entry – 12.3.2017

It is 4:17 AM on Sunday December 3rd, 2017.

Yesterday was a very busy day.  After writing my previous post I was getting ready for karate class when I received a call from my neighbor Steve!  It turns out my fears were unfounded about the fence because I got to talk to him (as opposed to the wife) and as I had thought the discussions went beautifully.  Maybe I’m getting old and cranky but often times it is just better to talk to the man when something needs to be solved.  It is not politically correct to say but women often bring in drama, emotion and a whole host of other unneeded variables.  Guys can just talk and get it done especially when it comes to home repair, cars and generally other ‘manly’ pursuits, political correctness be damned.

The day before Thanksgiving

It is 3:43 PM on Wednesday, November 22nd 2017.

Ever since I got out of bed around 6:30 AM things have been going wrong.  The first problem came when I tried to log into my work computer but the password wasn’t accepted and I ended up getting locked out.

This nonsense actually started the day before when I had to change my password.  I did so and my laptop said it had updated successfully and worked just fine.  However, my Blackberry (yes I still use it because our IT isn’t very good and Blackberries seem to have the least problems) wouldn’t accept the new password.  After many re-tries I ended up getting locked out of my account completely.  So I called the “Help Desk” which in the past was extremely unhelpful (outsourced to India).

November 15th, 2017

It is 5:48 AM on November 15th, 2017.  It is a cool, dark Pacifica morning with a heavy breeze rustling through the eucalyptus trees.  In 45 minutes it will be dawn and the day will slowly begin.  People are now waking up getting ready for the day and perhaps everyone is in a slightly better mood with the Thanksgiving holiday next week.

It is expensive to live in the Bay Area and so most are focused on work and getting money.  The traffic, long hours and seemingly endless work stress people out.  It is only when people finally get a break that they can finally enjoy themselves and what this area has to offer.

Journal Entry – 11.5.2017 Afternoon

It is 1:48 PM.  We just got back from the park where I had an idea for a post.

I was pushing my boys on the kid swing and bigger kids (red) swing at the same time.  We hadn’t been there for more than three minutes when a little girl came up and I could tell she wanted to get on the red swing.  Well, I really didn’t want to ask my son to get off so soon so I complimented her on her Wonder Woman dress and asked if she had seen the movie. She was very chatty and let me know that she had the movie and that Wonder Woman is the only super hero who is a god.  I said “What about Thor?  Thor is a god.”  She said “Noooo, only woman superhero that is a god!”