Tokyo – Back in Tokyo

Back in TokyoBy tok_matthewJanuary 1st, 2005 @ 12:00 PM EntertainmentI’m back in Tokyo for one week and it feels like a homecoming. I really missed this place and it’s good to be back.There wasn’t much culture shock like going to America and my first experience was interesting. I sat and chatted with a young American who came…… Continue reading Tokyo – Back in Tokyo

Tokyo – Nightlife in Tokyo

However, I’ve found that most of the best places are not advertised in the foreigner media and are only discovered by word of mouth. Everytime I look at Metropolis I see a million ads for small dirty bars which while posessing their own small campus bar charm are not up to par for a city like Tokyo. When I first arrived and asked the Japanese where to go

Throw Away Your KDDI International Cards

Throw away your KDDI International telephone cards! By tok_matthew September 16th, 2004 @ 12:57 PM Uncategorized Being the computer nerd I am, I’m always looking for new and interesting programs to help me in my daily tasks. It is not often that I find one worth blogging to the world about but this program will be of…… Continue reading Throw Away Your KDDI International Cards

Tokyo – 英会話について。。

英会話について。。。By tok_matthewSeptember 16th, 2004 @ 12:29 PM Uncategorized Ah, the 英会話 (Eikaiwa = English Conversation School). Their bright neon signs decorate buildings from the major centers of Shinjyuku and Ikebukuro to the smallest countryside town. The ubiquitous English language school has served as the entry point into Japan for foreigners innumerable. Sometimes loved, sometimes detested by those…… Continue reading Tokyo – 英会話について。。

Tokyo – Gaijin Complex

Gaijin ComplexBy tok_matthewSeptember 15th, 2004 @ 12:10 PM UncategorizedWhen I first came to Japan I lived out in Saitama along the Tobu Tojo line somewhere between Shiki and Kawagoe. Out there in the “country” it’s often rare to see an unknown gaijin (since we all taught for Nova) and if you should happen to see one it…… Continue reading Tokyo – Gaijin Complex

Tokyo – First Post in Tokyo Metblogs

By tok_matthewSeptember 13th, 2004 @ 11:56 PM UncategorizedHello Everyone. Is this the first post in the blog? Anyway, here in Mejiro we finally had our neighborhood festival and I thought I would share a picture which is below.Also, can anyone explain to me why so many otherwise sweet looking young Japanese girls are now sporting monstrous tatoos!??…… Continue reading Tokyo – First Post in Tokyo Metblogs

E-mail to Sarita 9.8.2004

Dearest Sarita, Congratulations on the engagement!  I’m extremely happy for you and wish you the best.  Please be certain to send me your address around the wedding date so I can send you a nice little exotic present from Asia.   I always enjoy hearing from you and reading your insightful e-mails.  You are the only friend…… Continue reading E-mail to Sarita 9.8.2004

E-mail – To elementary school teacher – Japanese culture

Hello Patty,Here are some things I’ve learned that simply never occurred to me before andhave learned from. As you know well, they are not ready for some of thematerial yet I included it so that I could paint a fuller picture of whythese things occur.1. Be clean!Japan is a Buddhist / Shinto country.  Japanese adapt…… Continue reading E-mail – To elementary school teacher – Japanese culture