E-mail to Sarita 9.8.2004

Dearest Sarita, Congratulations on the engagement!  I’m extremely happy for you and wish you the best.  Please be certain to send me your address around the wedding date so I can send you a nice little exotic present from Asia.   I always enjoy hearing from you and reading your insightful e-mails.  You are the only friend […]

The War in Iraq

 The war in Iraq is the worst form of treachery that has been committed in the last half century.  I have read the information and propaganda of both sides and have come to certain conclusions that my countrymen refuse to see. The American public does not think they are in error.  In fact support and opposition […]

E-mail to James 1.14.2004

Master James I got your new phone number and phone-mail.  One of these days we are going to have to drag Horacio away from his girlfriend, find Naoko and get to Karaoke.  It’s been too long.  Anyway, I was extremely bored last weekend, and came up with an idea.  I made a website where international young people […]

E-mail to Brendan about Iraq War

Amigos,Well, America is going to war!  Remember, if you see any suspicious towel heads about the building to call security immediately. ha haSeriously though, all the world is against the war without the backing of the UN security council.  Then on Japanese T.V. they showed some Americans being interviewed on the street saying they were […]