An infrequent entry

It has become a very infrequent occurrence when I actually sit down to write something of substance here in my online journal.  I believe this to be unfortunate as thus far I’ve lived a rather exciting life yet often cannot find the time/motivation to set these experiences down so that they may be preserved. Instead, […]

New Look

As you can see I’ve redesigned the blog yet again.  I no longer am interested in getting more readers.  My idea for this latest reincarnation is like an open journal for me.  After I came out of the that eternal fog called World of Warcraft I became interested in technology again and all the new […]

The Amazing Smartphone

Just wanted to write about how amazing the smartphone is. Sure, there are daily news stories about this app or that but I wanted to write down my thoughts about how amazing it actually is.

To me, it is not just a phone or computer, but my link to the entirety of human knowledge. I find it so incredible that we should all be experiencing mass hysteria but as the programs became available over the course of a few years perhaps we now just all take it for granted?

Blog from Iphone

My first post on my mobile device. Blogging remotely is going to be fun. Please enjoy a fountain of master yoda which is located at Letterman Digital Arts. (and a test for me so I can be sure everything is working properly) — Post From My iPhone Location:Bush St,San Francisco,United States