An infrequent entry

It has become a very infrequent occurrence when I actually sit down to write something of substance here in my online journal.  I believe this to be unfortunate as thus far I’ve lived a rather exciting life yet often cannot find the time/motivation to set these experiences down so that they may be preserved.

Instead, I have turned this into a photo journal where, using my smartphone, I can take the lazy man’s approach and have all my internet properties/accounts linked up so with the snap of an Iphone button the picture is automatically uploaded and loaded into my various pages.  In this way I can satisfy my desire to catalog my life.

Indeed, that is exactly what this blog is.  It is a catalog of my life where one day I will look back and read the story of my own life.  Well, perhaps I shall be looking at more pictures than actually reading if I am not able to shake myself from this persistent demon that weighs me down and impedes me from writing these very words.

Perhaps it is not my own melancholy that keeps me from writing but also one I shall call “the great interrupter!”  Unlike my demon, I do love my great interrupter who is also known as my two year old son.  When a two year old is present, neither deep thoughts, nor the setting them down in words shall be accomplished.  The Great Interrupter rarely rests and he will find me no matter where I may try and hide.

Aside from The Great Interrupter there are other forces that impede me from my writing. These sirens whose voices are not spoken yet clearly heard are the constraints known as Corporate, Community and Acquaintance.  We all keep a certain image of ourselves which can often differ depending on the group we are associating with.  That is to say we may have a different image/reputation at work, in our communities and with our friends and family.  Make no mistake, these are constraints which, in my case at least, hold the pen back and give nourishment to my demon who diminishes my will to write.

I have decided however to cast my demon down and put these sirens aside for a moment and write.  No joke, as I wrote the previous sentence The Great Interrupter has appeared and beckons me to him!!!

I’ve returned.  That was very distracting and is what The Great Interrupter really excels at.  In fact, I’ve lost my concentration and find that the previously pleasing Ave Maria For Cello by Max Brunch has begun to needle my brain like a scratching of a chalk board.  Therefore, I’ve switched to DeadMou5’5 Aural Psynapse in the hopes of shocking my mind back into a frame in which I can release my thoughts onto the weblog.

Well, Deadmou5 didn’t work and here I sit flailing desperately reaching for any sort of music to act as a life raft and pull me back into this post.  Let’s try Pavarotti.

Why do I have this urge to write?  It is a force that not even my demon can hold down for ever and it will continue to break through my lethargy even if it is on the rare occasion.

Perhaps the final and most powerful tempest which discourages entries like this is that I compare.  Through my smartphone, I read most of the day and realize just how many talented writers there are in the world and how in comparison to them I seem like the town simpleton.  I compare them to myself and perhaps this more than all the others gives my demon the power it needs to murder any glimmer of a post in its infancy and before it takes any sort of shape.

It is this wraith of self pity that I am also eviscerating today as the will to write has become too great and I will not be able to rest until I’ve pressed the “post” button.

When I write, my mind and my experiences are the only things that exist in the universe.  Nay, my mind and all my experiences become the universe. Writing for me is a way to capture, to imprison on the page the true essence of life.  These are the flickers that last not more than a moment but impact and touch our very soul.  The first warm spring day after a long winter, a first love, Christmas morning for a child, the discovery of beautiful music that arouses long dead memories and transports you directly to the time and place in which they occurred.

I find that as adults these moments become muted, either by age or by pushing them aside as we fall into a daily monotonous slumber.  We become “task completers,” as the magic and wonder of life is slowly and completely drained.

It is this candle, the wonderful magic of life, that I wish to keep burning bright until the day I die.  The mind just like any other part of the body needs exercise and to be trained.  It must be trained to hold these memories tight in an arena where both the 5 year old self and the adult may have a conversation.  It is where the child may remind the adult of the joys of exploration and the immense pleasure of discovery.

Writing for me is a release, a necessary activity that has for far too long been neglected.  It is time to put my demon, the sirens and the tempest at bay and do that which I love to do.  The Great Interrupter shall keep interrupting however.  There is not much I can do about that.




New Look

As you can see I’ve redesigned the blog yet again.  I no longer am interested in getting more readers.  My idea for this latest reincarnation is like an open journal for me.  

After I came out of the that eternal fog called World of Warcraft I became interested in technology again and all the new services/apps/software out there again.  I had fallen behind the times but am now thoroughly caught back up.  

One thing I’ve done is change my mindset towards my Iphone.  I used it a lot before but now it has really become an extension of me helping me document my life.  I guess one could say I’ve become integrated with my phone and we now have a certain synergy.  I used to use it only as a tool, but now it is a part of me.  

I’ve tied my phone to this blog through the music I play and the pictures I take.  These two things are automatically recorded on this blog.  Again, it is like an open journal for me and for the parts I’m willing to share with the internet, I have it happen all automatically.  

I’ve also opened up the blog again.  I really detest data mining companies and the commercial reasons the internet is being used for these days but I’ve found a partial solution.  That solution is that I stripped out most of the personal stuff and reserved that for the social networks.  Therefore, when I’m searched for I’m no longer one of the first pages Google will find.  I clicked through a few pages actually and this blog still wasn’t there.  There was a time when I was vying for that first link but now I simply wish to be completely buried.  Besides, I have a different blog where I’m trying to gain readership.  This blog is just for fun now.  



The Amazing Smartphone

Once again, long time no post.

Just wanted to write about how amazing the smartphone is.  Sure, there are daily news stories about this app or that but I wanted to write down my thoughts about how amazing it actually is.

To me, it is not just a phone or computer, but my link to the entirety of human knowledge.  I find it so incredible that we should all be experiencing mass hysteria but as the programs became available over the course of a few years perhaps we now just all take it for granted?

I wanted to share with you two applications that taught me something this week.  I find it very cool that even though I vaguely knew about these things and perhaps even studied them briefly in school, it took the Iphone to really make me understand.

1.  Starwalk

For many, this is probably just a novelty app to peer up at the stars once in a while.  But for me, I find myself using it almost nightly before I go to bed and when I wake up.  Here are my realizations that may seem common knowledge but never really registered with me until now.

1.  The Sun, Moon and planets all move along the same line.  Yes, I know everyone knows this, but do they really??   Now, I live in Pacifica and can see the ocean from my house which provides an excellent point of reference.  I am physically located on the side of the planet held down by gravity.  The Earth is spinning from West to East so that the Sun is moving from East to West, as does the moon and all the planets.

At this point in the year I can see the constellation Orion in the South East Horizon and a star I recently identified “Betelgeuse” was recently in the news as it will become Earth’s “Second Sun” when it explodes into a supernova.  This was a bright star and had a reddish tint which is why it caught my attention in the first place.

I can currently see Jupiter around 10:00pm.

From the news, the stars not in our solar system are moving away from me due to “dark matter” and perhaps after a few million (billion?) years we will only be able to see the stars in our immediate neighborhood.

As I mentioned, we all learn these things in school, but for me it never really “registered” as to my physical location in regards to the cosmos.

When I look at the stars I’m looking at history.  Since they are so far away it takes many many light years for their light to reach my eyes.  Therefore, I’m looking into the past.

On a side note, I also wonder how many civilizations must be out there.  And since the size and scale of time and distance are so large many civilizations may have arisen the disappeared in the time it took the light from the stars to leave and reach me.  As the universe is so big there could be millions of civilizations but you would have to catch them at the right time as we’re talking thousands of light years.

It seems like a very difficult task now to find any aliens out there as the scale is enormous both in time and distance.  Makes me not hold out much hope for my “SETI at Home” program.

If you haven’t heard about this let me tell you, it has been around for only 15 Earth years and ET hasn’t been found yet…….   Infinite time, infinite space and we’ve only just begun our efforts for perhaps 100 earth years.  Seems like a drop in the ocean.

SETI looks for patters in radio frequencies by scanning a very small amount of space (which is an enormous amount of data), breaks up the packets and sends small bits to be examined by people’s computers who are in the program.  So when my SETI screen saver turns on it provides a nice display but more importantly is using my computer to examine the data and send it back to SETI.

2.  Herbs   (Ok not as grand as space but I still find fascinating)

I now have a garden and the thought occurred to me to start planting herbs for use in cooking.  I knew nothing about herbs before but as with many applications on the Iphone I find myself feeling a bit like Neo out of The Matrix movie.  He does not know Kung Fu, gets plugged into the computer and then in a few seconds says “Whoa, I know Kung Fu.”  Along the same lines, I know nothing about herbs, spend 20 minutes with my Herb app and then can say “Whoa, I know herbs!”    LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Now, if I think about none of these programs existed just 20 years ago and how extraordinary they are now, I cannot help but think of the possibilities 20 years from now.  I highly doubt there will be a cord (or wireless sensor) that can transmit information directly into our brains.  I would imagine that we still have to use the relatively inefficient method of gathering information by reading and trying to record them in our heads.  But perhaps instead of a phone, we could all just wear some sweet eyeglasses that produces lines of information on the subject in which we are facing.

So say I look up, the glasses determine precisely where my corneas are fixated and information appears on the subject.  I look at the stars, they are identified, I look at a herb and all information revealed, I look at a person I know who they are, their education level and their credit score….. LOL   🙂

In any case, I just find these smart phones extremely incredible.  Yet, I think we have all begun to take them for granted and do not properly appreciate how extraordinary they actually are.

One final example is the Ipad.  Soon they will have cameras and we will be able to “Skype” or have video communication with anyone, anywhere on the planet!!  If we think back just to 1980 and the TV show Star Trek we were told the video screen they used “on deck” might someday be available in real life.  And now it is!!!

So what do we do with it?  Well, I’ll let you know just as soon as I get done watching Real Desperate Housewives of Orange County………..

The machines are already smarter than us…. beware… skynet is watching.


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