Website Update: 9.15.2003

9-15-03“About Me” section updated! Also checked my website statistics to see who and from where people were visiting.  I’m getting about 8 hits per day which isn’t bad since I’m having trouble getting listed in various search engines.  However, the guestbook has remained stagnant and is growing mold.  What is this bias people have against guest…… Continue reading Website Update: 9.15.2003

Website update: 8-14-2003

8-14-03I haven’t been working on my website lately due to computer problems. It seems one must be more prudent when updating the BIOS on Dell notebook computers. It seems everytimethey come out with a new bios update they create more problems than they fixed. My problem was when I upgraded the bios to A22 it…… Continue reading Website update: 8-14-2003

E-mail to Ron 3.27.2003

Just a stupid site I thought you would enjoy…  Make sure your sound is turned on though!!!!!! By the way, I managed to corrupt all my hundreds of MP3 files and other important information when I upgraded.  It should have been easy but I have partitions on my hard drive for Linux and a…… Continue reading E-mail to Ron 3.27.2003

Website Update: 1.18.2003

01-18-03I’m finally updating the updates page.  It’s been so long I might have forgotten all that’s been updated.  First and foremost, a new website has been created.  The title is “think” and is just a site where people can express how they feel about the world situation or whatever else they feel like expressing in…… Continue reading Website Update: 1.18.2003