Cnet Malware

Just wanted to get this on the internet.  Cnet used to be a great place to download software but no longer.  Now they bundle the downloads with a bunch of crap and make it very confusing to opt out.  Not interested in writing a sermon here, just wanted to get the information out on the […]

New Look

As you can see I’ve redesigned the blog yet again.  I no longer am interested in getting more readers.  My idea for this latest reincarnation is like an open journal for me.  After I came out of the that eternal fog called World of Warcraft I became interested in technology again and all the new […]

The Internet

I had my first website in 1997. It was composed using Microsoft World and simply hitting the “translate to html” button. I used free hosts like Geocities, Angelfire and Lycos. Back then it was kind of a badge of honor as most people were not yet online and most people didn’t know what URLs were nor HTTP.

The Amazing Smartphone

Just wanted to write about how amazing the smartphone is. Sure, there are daily news stories about this app or that but I wanted to write down my thoughts about how amazing it actually is.

To me, it is not just a phone or computer, but my link to the entirety of human knowledge. I find it so incredible that we should all be experiencing mass hysteria but as the programs became available over the course of a few years perhaps we now just all take it for granted?