Journal Entry – 5.2.1992

Last night i had Kevin D spend the night all we did was watch Saturday Night Live and eat pizza. Today was my grandpa’s 70th birthday , we had a party for him at Trinity School I went out side mostly during the party to play basketball.  They put a breakaway rim up so Kevin H ( who stopped by to shoot with us ) put a shopping cart on it’s side next to the rim. We ran and jumped off the shopping cart and dunked it. I was doing reverses and power dunks. We stayed out there most of the day . Paul , Nick , and Danny were playing basketball too.

Today is Sunday and tomorrow i don’t have school because tonight is prom night.

Journal Entry – 4.20.1992

The weather is great today except it is a little bit hot. I went to the mall looking for a NY Mets hat but they didn’t have any that i liked.  I got some earrings though, my birth stone and a small diamond. I am in a very sluggish mood.  I was at Jonathan’s a little bit ago we played basketball and soaked our heads in water. Today is the last day of break i have to go back to school tomorrow.

Journal Entry – 4.18.1992

Today was horrible it rained all day and all I did was get a haircut and sit around the house.  I just went to church about an hour ago, it lasted for 2 hours, it was alright except for the standing time.