Saigon Stories – Vietnamese vs. French people

Another glorious day here in Saigon. I just got back from Parkson (best department store in Saigon) where I go to get Gatorade for only 85 cents per bottle. Those other damn stores charge up to 4 dollars a bottle and so I make it a habit to get to Parksons at least once a week.

Saigon Stories – My fellow students – Irritations in Saigon

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m studying Japanese here in Ho Chi Minh city. All the other students are Vietnamese and it’s really interesting to study along side them. The foreigners here in Saigon usually only interact with the Vietnamese at work, or with those who work in the bars, but rarely get to see the other side of them. By studying Japanese with them, I’m able to communicate in a language other than English and understand that they are going through the same hardships trying to learn another language.

Saigon Stories – Need a break from Saigon

Living in another country can be and usually is one of the greatest experiences a person can have. But from time to time it is absolutely necessary to take a break when you find yourself being negative and complaining about too many things in the host country. I have reached that point since I haven’t escaped since last Christmas.

Saigon Stories – Interesting Week in Saigon

Finally I have something to write about. As you may know, I find my life here in Saigon quite boring. Between going out to the local bars, entertaining clients from the big international companies entering Vietnam and playing darts, there just isn’t much to do.

Saigon Stories – Saigon Life

It’s been a while since my last entry so I thought I should sit down and write something. As I’ve mentioned before, the life here isn’t so exciting, and thus neither is writing about it.

But there have been a few things of note that may be of interest to you out there wondering about life in Saigon. So I’ll just write down about my outings last week.

On Tuesday I played with my team in the Saigon Darts League which has weekly matches at different bars. Each bar has their own team and we play “501” in Triples, Doubles, Singles and one team game. Our team is pretty good and we won the match against “No Star Where.”