Healthcare – Designed by me

It’s late at night and I cannot sleep.  I think my insomnia stems from too much reading the news because instead of counting sheep to fall asleep I found myself thinking about healthcare.

With all the chatter lately by people who are not experts in the field and know very little about the complexities involved I started to feel a bit left out and decided to come up with a healthcare plan of my own to join in the fun.

Therefore I present:


A Letter to my Foreign Friends (Living in Distant Lands) Warning: Politics involved!

Friends, Amigos and Acquaintances,

I hope you are all well and sorry for the delay in getting you updates. It has now been four years since I came back to the States and what a ride. I got a nice job and joined corporate-land where they use the English language in a strange way such as say they “have so much on my plate,” and other metaphors which take me a minute to “digest.” Things are going well but I have to say I’m really envious of you all at the moment because I’m really missing life over there!!

10 Minutes of Insanity – Post gets worse as it goes along.

There is nothing like the “news” in America these days. Actually, most programs which claim to be “news” are really just opinions. Yet, these “opinions” are really just emotional outbursts which center on certain talking points. The talking points revolve around central themes which just happen to orbit two centers of gravity known as political parties.

News used to follow the format where “such and such happened and this is the outcome.” Now, it would seem that on one side it is more “such and such is happening which IS DESTROYING AMERICA.” In the other camp the retort would be “Don’t listen to those knuckle-draggers as most of them probably didn’t graduate High School.” As the media portrays things one side is pissed off 24 hours a day and the other side is elitist and snide.

10 Minutes of Ruminations

Again, it has been a long time since my last post. It has not that I haven’t had the desire to write but rather I really didn’t feel any specific topic worth an entire post. Therefore, even if I opened up my blog, other distractions quickly pulled me away. Tonight, the dam has burst as I’ve found a solution to this problem. I’ll simply write a post without lingering on any topic too long. These are things that have run through my mind in the past month and which I really don’t feel like getting in a mire with all the details.

News of the week – Healthcare, Joe Wilson and 9/11

As usual, I woke up this morning, grabbed my Iphone and read through the WSJ, New York Times and Google News reader. And frankly I have a lot of questions on issues that either the right or left seem to be so sure on. What I need is a kind of referee that would penalize half-truths, exaggerations and be unbiased to the point of being boring. So many thoughts popped into my head that I had to write about them.