Halloween 2015

It is 4:55 AM – I get an extra hour of “my time” this morning thanks to the daylight savings change on Saturday.  This is no guarantee that my youngest will actually sleep an extra hour as I don’t believe he yet honors daylight savings. I always like to get a journal entry in at […]

Halloween over.

In the name of science I put the rotting pumpkins outside the gate instead of putting them in the compost. This way my son can see what happens when pumpkins rot. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pumpkin rot completely away so I’ll be learning something as well. FOR SCIENCE!! SCIENCE!

King Jack

Hear ye Hear ye!  King Jack demands the submission and fealty of all your jack-o-lanterns!♪♫ Our man Jack is king of the pumpkin patch, everyone hail to the Pumpkin King now!!! ♫♪♪