Journal Entry – 6.28.17

The time is 6:38 AM on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017.  I’ve been a bachelor for nine days.  In having my normal routine, schedule and life completely changed I’ve noticed a few things. I’m more tired and sleeping later than I do when the family is here.  I find myself falling asleep about 9:30 but do […]

Journal Entry – Kevin Here

Kevin is a childhood friend who I’ve keep in touch with over the years and it had been over five years since I last saw him; that was in Las Vegas and pre-kids.  It is well known that time speeds up the older we become and children add an extra accelerator.  He was only here […]

Journal Entry – Saturday May 11th 2013

It is 6:20am on Saturday.  The fog has not lifted for three days and remains especially thick this morning.  Perhaps it is revenge for me telling everyone how little fog Linda Mar receives.  I just woke up from a very strange dream.  I was still living in San Francisco but was single and still living […]

An infrequent entry

It has become a very infrequent occurrence when I actually sit down to write something of substance here in my online journal.  I believe this to be unfortunate as thus far I’ve lived a rather exciting life yet often cannot find the time/motivation to set these experiences down so that they may be preserved. Instead, […]