Journal Entry – English Class 12.16.1991

I think The Weapon will be about a weapon that has caused a lot of trouble.  I think the assassin will be about the life of a person who goes around and kills people.  

Yesterday it snowed on and off. About 5:30 – 6:00 it started snowing really hard and was really windy.  I was over at Ryan’s house when it was snowing.  We went outside and couldn’t stay out there for 3 minutes.  Today snow is barely covering the ground.  It better start snowing some more.  I only have one more week of school left and then Christmas break.  

Journal Entry – English Class 12.13.1991

Today it’s raining and depressing.  Thank God it’s the weekend.  I get to rest.  I hope the wrestling match on Saturday doesn’t take that long.  It has to get cold and snow soon.  I hope Christmas comes soon.  I love Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday.  Yesterday I got an 88 on my math test.  I think Friday the 13th is a great day, it would be horrible if today was Monday the 13th.  All Fridays are good because it’s the end of the week and you can relax and kick back.  Even though it’s Friday I’m still depressed because it’s raining.  

Journal Entry – English Class 12.12.1991

Theme:  The Golden Rule

Gun’s N’ Roses is coming to Dayton.  I don’t think my mom will let me go but I am still going to ask her.  Today we get out at 1:30 but I still have to stay here for wrestling practice.  I might go over to Kevin Dawson’s Friday, but the only problem is I have wrestling practice and a meet Saturday.  I hope my parents let me skip practice and pick me up Saturday.  I doubt they will let me but I still will ask.  Yesterday at lunch I barely made the lunch line, they were just about to shut the door when I came flying in.  I had to get my math test finished because I have math right before lunch.  We had subs yesterday and they had little brown things with yellow in the middle which almost made me throw up.  I hope I did good on my grammar retest I just took.  I hate having wrestling practice till 6:00.  It’s fun but it’s too long.  I can’t believe the dance was cancelled this Friday.  

Journal Entry – English Class 12.11.1991

Theme:  Life on Venus would be..

Today I am very tired, I want to go to sleep and eat.  I’m getting tired of staying after school till 6:00.  It would be great if it only lasted till 4:30.  My grades are going pretty good right now so I”m happy about that.  I can’t wait till Christmas break and until it snows.  The only problem is that I will probably have wrestling practice during Christmas break.  Yesterday during wrestling practice I had the biggest headache and every time I got thrown down during drills and my headache got worse.  Life is going by so fast and I’m not enjoying it.  They say high school is the best years of your life, but right now I think 8th grade was the best year of my life.  

Journal Entry – English Class 12.10.1991

Theme:  Three wishes could definitely make me (un) happy

We put the Christmas tree up last night which was fun.  I can’t wait till Christmas.  I asked for a Viking’s hat, Game Boy, Met’s Starter jersey, mini-backboard with metal rim, two Genesis games: Phantasy Star III, Shining in the Darkness.