Origin of the word “Mignon / minion”

Just learned the origin of the word minion (mignon) which I thought was pretty interesting.  min·ion [min-yuh n] —nouna servile follower or subordinate of a person in power. a favored or highly regarded person. a minor official. Printing. a 7-point type.Definition of minion: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/minion at Dictionary.comAlthough Henry III valued privacy, he liked to surround himself with […]

Saigon Stories – Observations of the Week in Saigon

First, let me say that you must take the last entry about the French with a grain of salt. I like France and French people. Parisians still annoy me though. In fact, I’m reading a French book called “les États- Unis aujourd’hui; les maîtres du monde?” (The United States Today; The masters of the world?) […]

Saigon Stories – Vietnamese vs. French people

Another glorious day here in Saigon. I just got back from Parkson (best department store in Saigon) where I go to get Gatorade for only 85 cents per bottle. Those other damn stores charge up to 4 dollars a bottle and so I make it a habit to get to Parksons at least once a […]