Journal 1.6.1987

Dear Michael J. FoxWe won our basketball game 42 to 4.  We played St. Mary’s, we creamed those suckers.  I only made one basket and missed my foul shots.  I’m number 12 and only got 2 rebounds.  Jorge, Jason, Tim and Corey made most of the points.Sincerely, MC

Journal – 12.6.1986

Bridge to TerabithiaJess1. Likes to draw and paint.  Likes to run.  Doesn’t like to go to church.  Likes Lesiley.  Likes to milk miss Bessy.2. How are you the same and different to Jess? Different because I could never have a girl as a best friend and alike because I like to draw too.  And I…… Continue reading Journal – 12.6.1986

Journal – 12.3.1986

Christmas is…Christmas is a time for celebrate because Jesus was born on Christmas and I like Christmas because of the Christmas tree and I like staring at the presents and I also like giving presents.

Journal – 10.22.1986

(Fill in the blanks?)I just saw a movie about a monster from (Africa).  He meets a (bathtub) from outer space.  The monster invites the visitor to his (room) and traps him.  The monster lives in a big (toilet).  The space visitor escapes.  A (gorilla) helps him find his way to the (toilet).  

Journal – 10.20.1986

Santa (I don’t believe in Santa) and ChristmasSTUPIDI feel like skateboarding, skateboarding fast and roller skating.