Journal – 2.11.1987

Basketball is one of my favorite sports.  I like baseball, swimming and football.  I really like these sports because I think they are neat and I hope I can dunk the basketball. 

Journal – 2.7.1987

Last year I went to Cedar Point.  I rode the Tonka, the Sky Ride and we mostly played video games.  I went with my next door neighbor Kevin H.  When we were coming back we got lost.  It was night, we didn’t get home till 2:00 in the morning.  

Journal – 2.4.1987

Would you like to stay the same age?

No, because I couldn’t get a job, I couldn’t get married, I couldn’t make no money.


Journal – 1.21.1987

Yesterday me, Tony C, Tony M, Dean, Joe, Chile, Tommy and some other second or first grader played football.  I was quarterback and about the only good play we had besides when I caught the ball was when I threw the ball to Tony C and he caught it.  Well, that wasn’t the only good play but anyway we played a good game.