Journal – 8.27.1986

Ceder Point is fun. I liked Thunder Canyon. It was fun but to short.  And the Demon Drop was weird.  I liked the video game arcade, especially Paperboy.  

Journal – 5.6.1987

1. Terrible like God didn’t want me to hear or see anything he made.2. Dear Lord, thank you for not making me blind.  That is not fun to be blind. 

Journal – 4.27.1987

Manners / Why it’s a sign of love1. Saying please and thank you – because you showing the person you’re thankful for what they did.2. Helping an old lady across the street – it shows that you care.3. Helping your mom do the dishes – it shows that you care about things. 4. Listen to your…… Continue reading Journal – 4.27.1987

Journal – 3.20.1987

Today my sister skipped school because she got to go with the Brownies to Sea World and I am stuck in school writing this. 

Journal – 2.11.1987

Basketball is one of my favorite sports.  I like baseball, swimming and football.  I really like these sports because I think they are neat and I hope I can dunk the basketball.