Journal Entry – 2.2.2017

The world is different now due to President Trump.  I miss the certainty and comfort of the way things were previously. Now I wake up and am anxious to see what the news will say.  At the moment the US is upsetting its allies and as for the enemies, I’m sure we’ll soon be at war.

I’m anxious for immigrants.  They’ve first banned Muslims under the guise of “extreme vetting.”  Next will come a database, deportation of Latinos and then next in line would be the Asians.  All of this has given the extreme right a lot of encouragement and I’ve started to look into those corners of the internet where they reside.  I’d like to understand them further and try to get a pulse on where things might lead.

Quitting Facebook

Since the new year is an excellent time to adjust one’s habits and routines I’ve decided to experiment with a number of changes. 

One of the biggest is to stop using Facebook.  So far I’ve gone three days and the feeling is one of tranquility and peacefulness.  It is not that I have anything against Facebook or agree with the reasons of the usual anti-Facebook crowd.  Facebook to me has been invaluable since I have a vast amount of acquaintances throughout the world with whom I would have lost all contact and even memory if it wasn’t for Facebook.  Facebook helped me keep those connections from completely dying.  

I am not alone

ATB – You’re Not Alone (Official Video HD):

Just rediscovered the WordPress blogging community! I’ve kept my own blog for eons but it is my own install and I never really sought out a wider WordPress community. The other night I felt like reading others personal blogs and found a way to browse an almost unlimited amount of personal blogs using the WordPress website tag cloud.
This comes at an opportune time as I’m tiring of Facebook. I need posts with more substance, to experience others lives and feelings through well written blog posts. For me, Facebook is now just a way to keep in touch and keep updated through pictures on my friends lives. Other than that there is very little substance.