A visit to Facebook

I thought my recent visit to Facebook would be worthy of its own post:  Facebook is one of the most powerful companies to have ever existed and so this post serves as a marker in time that I’ve actually been to this place. The reason I was there was for a work event which allowed…… Continue reading A visit to Facebook

Quitting Facebook

Since the new year is an excellent time to adjust one’s habits and routines I’ve decided to experiment with a number of changes. One of the biggest is to stop using Facebook.  So far I’ve gone three days and the feeling is one of tranquility and peacefulness.  It is not that I have anything against Facebook…… Continue reading Quitting Facebook

I am not alone

ATB – You’re Not Alone (Official Video HD): http://youtu.be/IRk_D1UMPsI Just rediscovered the WordPress blogging community! I’ve kept my own blog for eons but it is my own install and I never really sought out a wider WordPress community. The other night I felt like reading others personal blogs and found a way to browse an…… Continue reading I am not alone

Ice Bucket Challenge

If you had told me a week ago that a very good part of my social network was going to pour ice water over their heads and pay $100 I wouldn’t have believed it.  It just goes to show that the future is full of twists and turns and although we can take good guesses…… Continue reading Ice Bucket Challenge

My life 1998 -1999

I’ve been going through my old computer files recently and came across my old journal that I wrote from ’98 to ’00.  This was the time when my study abroad in Spain was ending and I spent two years studying at OSU before leaving for France.  After this period my journal writing took a nose…… Continue reading My life 1998 -1999

Friday March 4th

Another very long dry spell with no written post.  It seems that writing is something one must physically make themselves sit down and do.  It just does not come spontaneously. Or perhaps it is because I’ve begun to self-sensor myself now that my entire social circle is now on the internet and thanks to Facebook…… Continue reading Friday March 4th