The New York Times and The Economist

If you’re an avid reader of both The Economist and The Times, then you will know there has been an ongoing feud between Paul Krugman, The Times Senior Economic party-pooper in chief and the identity-less army of economists at The Economist.

Greece, debt and the European Bailout – How it affected me in S.F.

Before I get into how it affected me let’s do a quick recap of what is happening right now. I also prefer to keep it very simple. Greece owes a lot of money and they cannot pay it. This means they have to cut a lot of public services and since a VERY LARGE portion…… Continue reading Greece, debt and the European Bailout – How it affected me in S.F.

The Sky is Falling

They are calling our current economic state “The Great Recession.” As I am bombarded (through my own fault and due to Iphone) with bad news in the media and almost wonder if it is worth reading anymore. I read for enjoyment but also to get a feel as to how things are going to go…… Continue reading The Sky is Falling

We're All Socialists

For the past year I keep hearing this word “Socialist” being flung around like a 10lb bag of crap. On the “conservative” channels it seems this is an extremely dirty word and akin to calling someones mother a so on and so forth. In the political blogs there is always some comment or other about…… Continue reading We're All Socialists

General Thoughts

Once again, long time no post. I’ve been extremely uninspired lately and feeling a bit disconnected. “Disconnected” seems like an ironic word to use since I’m now flooded with information on a daily basis through my PDA, Google Sidebar, news and magazines. Yet, for some reason I feel like this information really does not help…… Continue reading General Thoughts