E-mail to Glenda 8.25.2003

I thought you didn’t use this e-mail anymore and boom I get an e-mail.  It’s funny because I’m here in Columbus right now sitting at my parents house.  I got home on August 15th and will leave again Sept 8th.  Ever since I got home I’ve been busy.  The family is taking me all over the place as is German.  I also went up to PSU for a few days to help Ross move back to Columbus.  Now I’m just at my house trying to get some studying and reading done.  I just need a few days of peace and my batteries will be recharged.  I have no peace in Tokyo.  It’s nice just to be somewhere where I can read without the sound of loud motorbikes and ambulances. 
This weekend we are going to do some drinking and go to the OSU game.  Are you going to be on Campus at all?  Also, German will probably throw a party at his new loft in the “battleship” building in the arena district.  Let me know what you are planning on doing and hopefully we can hook up. 
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Hi Matt!!  so sorry it took me so long to reply-crazy busy with looking for a job and vacation (went to nyc) and stuff!  how is my little white-boy-turned-asian friend? i checked out your website-pretty cool. a lot of drunkeness!  how is everything with your girl-sorry, i’m not even going to attempt to speel her name-i don’t want to mess up!  When are you coming back to visit? -Notice I said “visit” since I know that you’ll probably never be in the same continent with me. I still look for flights to tokyo every once in a while.  I just need to come up with the money and time!  well, let me know how everything is going there on the complete opposite side of the world! take care! miss you-glenda


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E-mail to Dad 8.11.2003

Mom and Dad,
Do you remeber Masaru?  He was the one who ate with us when you first arrived in Japan.  He is my best friend here and had his wedding ceremony last Sunday.  Afterwards, we went to a Tex/Mex Restaurant/Bar.  They had a mechanical bull and the cowboy announcer made me go for a ride.  I made the finals but Masaru actually won by riding for 58 seconds.  I was in severe pain so hopped off after about 20 seconds.  I’ll let the pictures explain for me. 
See you all soon!!!
PS: Two days later my thighs and back are still extremely sore. 
bull 1

E-mail to Brendan about Iraq War


Well, America is going to war!  Remember, if you see any suspicious towel heads about the building to call security immediately. ha ha

Seriously though, all the world is against the war without the backing of the UN security council.  Then on Japanese T.V. they showed some Americans being interviewed on the street saying they were all for it.  As I’m sure you know, Americans aren’t always seeing in good light around the world and Bush just made it a hell of a lot worse.  I know Bushy keeps talking about WMD but they never presented the proof.  From what I’ve read, the proof was: one taped telephone call about one modified vehicle, one drone plane, and a few missiles that flew a little farther then they were supposed to.  If they would have showed a few Nukes, I would be convinced, but from here I can only guess that Bush wants either oil, or to implement Democracy in a backward part of the world (Arab lands) while the ball is still rolling (Afganistan).  I don’t think anyone can guess what the consequences will be.  Hopefully the war goes well and is quick, the French help out, and democracy is established without too much chaos and the West is united again.  If not, I fear that it is going to seriously damage America’s image in the world.  After all it is the first time we have attacked first (disregarding Latin America) and the first time a state has told the head of another state to leave his own country. 

As I’m sure we all know a large part of our countrymen are idiots. I have the feeling if Pres. Bush told them that China was breeding Green Dragons to take over the world and that we had to attack to stop the Dragons he could garner at least 50% of support.  I also have the feeling that the people interviewed who supported the war on the T.V. don’t know where Iraq is and think that the Middle East is somewhere in the Northwest next to Canada.

Don’t get me started about Freedom Fries, and toast.  And to think that the Rep. is from Ohio just makes me want to cry.  You said Liberty Fries.. did they change the name again? 

Ok, enough of my rambling.  Let’s talk about Japan.  There have only been modest protest here in Japan and I saw one on the street yesterday.  Oops that’s talking about war again.  About Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  I think that if you are going to come all the way to Japan you should definitely go to one of them.  My advice is this.  You take the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto (the old capital of Japan).  There you can see “old” Japan and the many many temples and Shrines.  Spend a day or two there since Kyoto is the most important city for tourists.  It takes maybe 4-5 hours to get there on the bullet train.  Then it will take another 3-4 hours from there to Hiroshima (your heading South the whole time).  You can see Hiroshima in one day since the main site is the bombed out “Peace Dome” which is a building blown out by the A-bomb.  There is also a museum near there and some various monuments of importance.  You will also be interviewed by Junior High School girls who hang out there to interview foreigners for their class projects.  They will ask you what you think about peace,……….so um,, maybe you should tell them you are from New Zealand.  I’m not sure if I will go or not yet because I have already been to both places.  But you two should definitely go there because damn, you’re coming a long way.   

About the Foreign Service exam, I thought I’d take it just for the hell of it.  It’s offered only once this year and it’s can’t hurt to take it.   I really don’t want a position now though since I’ll be studying Japanese for another year and a half.  But I want to keep my options open and it’s a good idea to see what the foreign service is about.  However, the events of recent have made me not want to work for the American Gov’t at this time. 

Alright guys, I’m off.  Let me know if you need any info about Japan.  I seriously recommend getting to Kyoto and Hiroshima regardless if I go or not.  Everyone speaks English around here and all (most of) the signs are in English. 



E-mail to Dad 8.1.2003

Good Morning Dad,
It’s almost time to come home and I couldn’t be more ready.  It’s already the 1st and I’m sure the next 2 weeks will fly by.
I got into the Waseda program for one more year.  If they had rejected me I would have had to leave the country in frustration since I was the test champion for so long, had one of the best attendance records, and blew them away with my final project.  I used the DV camera you gave me to record the scenes and then edited them on my laptop.  I also used powerpoint, for the presentation part and made the computer speak Japanese.  I was a little peeved, because Microsoft screwed me (that company really is a Nazi).  When I updated to Office XP they didn’t include powerpoint anymore and now sell it as a seperate package for 200 dollars more.  So it’s like they actually took it away from me and wanted to sell it to me again.  Luckily there is Kazaa where there are a lot of cracked programs, although the CIA is probably on my trail by now, haha. 
Speaking of which, I ordered the battery and they had some pretty ridiculous questions on them.  They asked if I would use the battery as a weapon of Mass Destruction.  Also, I said it would be exported which I shouldn’t have done because they made me fill out two forms with the same stupid questions.  I haven’t heard from them because I wrote some pretty sarcastic answers on the second form since I was so frustrated.  For example, “What will this be used for?”  What do they think I will use a battery for, Toilet Paper?  Also, how long will it be out of the country.  “Um, my battery does plan on taking some vacations but I’m sure it will get homesick soon.  I don’t think they took it too well.  But it seems that America has gone stupid lately. 
I climbed Mt. Fuji the other day!  It took 6 and a half hours to get to the top, and then 4 hours back down.  It was extremely cold at the top and we didn’t even get to see the beautiful sunrise due to cloud cover.  That was pretty disapointing.  It wasn’t too difficult of a climb for me and I plan on trying again in the future. 
Well, I’m going to give you guys a call soon.  Actually I would like to call right now, but it’s 6:30 there and I don’t want to wake you.  On the other hand, I don’t want to miss you either when you take off for work.  So I think I’ll call in about 15 minutes.  If not, give me a call at your convenience. 
See you soon!