E-mail to Mathias 8.20.2004

Mathias!My classes at Waseda are finally finished and I’m very happy to not have togo to those boring lectures anymore.  I think it’s time to study Japanese onmy own without the teachers troubling me with too many tests that I alwaysreceived a bad grade on.  : )Now, I’m just teaching English at night, going to…… Continue reading E-mail to Mathias 8.20.2004

E-mail to Cat Eyes Models 8.17.2004

Dear Sir or Madam, This is 魔手 again.  I recently sent you a message for my job application and upon browsing your website, I discovered a problem that can easily be fixed.   On the page: http://www.vietnameses.com/models/commercial some of the pictures do not appear because of a broken link.  I took the liberty of viewing your source code and discovered…… Continue reading E-mail to Cat Eyes Models 8.17.2004

E-mail to Ron 8.14.2004

Hey Dude,I’m still doing the job search and trying to find something in Vietnam.  Inthe process I’ve taught myself a lot about how to make a kick ass onlineresume since I don’t have much work experience.  I’m thinking that this willimpress the employers quite a bit.  The link ishttps://www.mcurtin.com/job/english.html and I’m working on a PowerPointpresentation…… Continue reading E-mail to Ron 8.14.2004

Letter to Sister 8.3.2004

Dear Homeless and Jobless in Main,It has been a long time.  I was thinking that you didn’t have internet thereat camp.  Then I received your message and remembered how you said theirnetwork may have nearly destroyed your computer last time.  Anyway, I’m gladyou wrote!Good luck with the job situation and I hope you land somewhere…… Continue reading Letter to Sister 8.3.2004

E-mail to Miguel 7.29.2004

Miguel,All done.  I would suggest you have a few more people take a look to gettheir opinions.  I’ve underlined my corrections.Everything looks pretty good.  The only things I would advise you on:1.  Overuse of “and”:  I want to drink a beer and a wine and and vodka and atequila.   better like this:  I want to…… Continue reading E-mail to Miguel 7.29.2004