E-mail to Ryan 4.30.2004

Hello Mr. Energy/Utility company redeveloper! I bet if you tell chicks that in the bar it will get you laid.  hahahah.  But seriously, it sounds like you are on your way!  Ryan is all grown up now and has a real job and everything.  That’s excellent, good work.   Funny story about the Indian computer nerd and…… Continue reading E-mail to Ryan 4.30.2004

E-mail to Brendan and Ryan 3.19.2004

—–Original Message—–From: MSent: Thursday, March 04, 2004 9:34 PMTo: Brendan; RyanSubject: From TokyoGentlemen, You both wrote me at the same time and I thought my latest adventure would interest both of you.  I’ve stumbled upon paradise!  There is really no need to come back to Tokyo, because I’ve found the land of beautiful women.  It’s in Vietnam! …… Continue reading E-mail to Brendan and Ryan 3.19.2004

E-mail to Ryan 10.22.2003

 Ryan, What’s up man?  I haven’t heard from you in ages and was wondering how you were doing.  Actually, I don’t hear from anyone back home really.  My family is among the worst e-mailers in the world and it’s a miracle if I get one a month from any of them.  Being over here amazes me…… Continue reading E-mail to Ryan 10.22.2003