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E-mail to Mathias 5.19.2004

Hey Mathias!

Correction, done!  It’s so much easier to translate between French and
English then to Japanese isn’t it!  It sounds like you’ve got a tough
schedule with school,, good luck.

As for Japanese class they split each level into two separate classes.  One
class is for people who want to study with a textbook.  In the other (my
class) we have to write a theme and continually revise it for the entire
semester.  It get’s a little boring revising the same thing everyday but we
get to talk quite a bit which is what I wanted.  I also chose a stupid
theme: “America is the best country in the world.”  hahaha.  I can make
everyone mad everyday and get them talking!  Actually, they know that I
really don’t think this way, or even want to go back to America so it’s not
as fun anymore.  Also, America has been very very bad recently and this is
not good for my theme.  So what I did was say that George Bush is really
English,, because he has royal English blood, so all this trouble is just
England’s fault like usual!!!!  Of course some teachers want me to be more
serious, but if I was serious, it wouldn’t be any fun.

Take care of yourself, and stay out of trouble!



> Salut M,
> comment vas-tu?
> Me concernant tout va bien, je suis en pleine preparation des examens qui
> sont la semaine prochaine. Apres je commence un stage de 3 mois dans un
> cabinet de traduction, autant dire que mes vacances d’ete risquent d’etre
> chargees!!
> J’espere que les cours se passent bien a Waseda  pour toi.
> J’ai un service a te demander. Je suis en train d’ecrire mon memoire sur
> medecine traditionnelle a l’epoque d’Edo et je suis oblige de faire un
> resume en anglais. Je t’ai joint un document avec le resume en francais et
> en anglais. Pourrais-tu me corriger l’anglais???
> Je te remercie d’avance…
> a+
> mathias

E-mails Japan - 日本

E-mail to Mathias 1.5.2004

Hi Mathais!

Happy New Year!  Waseda is still going well and my Japanese is getting
better but I still fail plenty of tests!  Level 3 is much more difficult
than level 2.  I’m enjoying myself though but don’t enjoy all the homework.
Aikido is good when I go. I haven’t been there for over a month and hope
they aren’t mad at me and kick me out.  ha ha..  I don’t think they can kick
me out though since I’m a paying customer.

Thanks for signing my message book on my website!  Sorry I said I like Spain
better than France..  It’s just that Spain doesn’t close the bars early like
France and America.  I like countries where you can stay out all night I

For Christmas I went back to America and found that Americans have gotten
even fatter.  It was good to see my family but I’m happy not to live there.
Did you have any culture shock when you went back to France?

Good luck with your exams!  I hope you will have the opportunity to come
back to visit Japan so we can get a beer.. Did you get an e-mail from
Kato-san… He said Happy New Year even though he kicked us out of the
Karate club..


Matthew M. Curtin

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From: mathias
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 4:29 AM
Subject: Happy new year!!!

> Salut Matt,
> Bonne annee et tous mes voeux de bonheur, mais aussi la sante, l’argent,
> les etudes, les femmes…bref tout un programme, n’est-ce-pas?
> J’espere qu’on aura l’occasion de se revoir pendant cette nouvelle annee
> qui commence.
> Alors t’es devenu un pro de l’aikido? C’est cool tu vas pouvoir aller
> casser la gueule a ceux qui nous ont vire du club de karate…hahahaha 😉
> How are you doing?
> I hope you spent nice Christmas’s vacation. what did you do? Did you
> to your homeplace?
> I was very busy and worked even for Christmas’ day and new year’s day!
> My exam start next week and I guess it will be less stressful after.
> It’s quite cold here in France, i guess it’s the same in Japan.
> take care
> mathias


E-mail to Mathias 10.20.2003

Hello Mathias!

Good to hear from you!  I was wondering how you were doing back in France.
It’s always strange to go back home after living in Japan isn’t it?

Waseda is great this semester!  I like it much better than levels 1 and 2,
and nobody uses English (except for one teacher who uses terrible English
sometimes and makes me want to cry).  I like the pace of everything and
having skill based classes like reading, writing and speaking.  Level 2
wasn’t fun.  So needless to say I’m enjoying myself quite a bit!  I am still
waiting for my student visa though because they are taking a really long

Yes, yes, Arnold is the governor.  I’m pretty happy about it though because
all our politicians are idiots as well and have been doing a terrible job at
running the country.  I think everyone in the world really hates America
now!  That’s bad for me because I’m out of the country!!!  It’s ok though
because I can always tell people I’m French,, ha ha ha.  But I would rather
the TERMINATOR be president than George Bush.  As for the porno actress, I
think I remember a porno actress being a candidate for the president of
France during the last election.  I would vote for a Porno actress!!!!
Actually Bill Clinton was kind of a porn star… ha ha aha

In other news, I might join an Aikido club that is a PAY club not far from
Waseda.  The cost is 10,000 per month, but I can go whenever I want and they
won’t be mean to me.  Its’ also the “Aikido World Headquarters!”  So I’m
kind of excited.

So let’s Keep in touch Mathais!  You can always stay at my place if you want
when you come back to Japan you know!

Mathieu le beau,

PS: Your English is just about perfect.  Tu ne vas pas avoir de problems
pour ganger un A en ton cours d’anglais. t’inquiet pas.


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From: Mathias
To: Mateo
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2003 6:06 AM
Subject: la France!!

> Hey Matt,
> how are u doing?
> I went home in september, but i already miss everything in Japan,
> especially my girlfriend. University already started one month ago and i’m
> very busy with study. Also i’m going to take the Japanase proficiency test
> in december. I hope i will be able to pass it, it’s really a challenge a
> because I’ll try the 2 kyu.
> How is Waseda’s class this semester? You may be in level 3 right now, I
> guess it’s more interesting than level 2, isn’t it? By the way, Did u have
> fun when u went back to USA this summer?
> How do u feel after Arnold  election as new California governor?
> hahahahahha…Election in America is always so funny. We had good time in
> France watching everyday reports about governor election. I guess he is
> maybe your next president, don’t u think? IDon’t you think it seems to be
> the begining of the decline of USA. hahahaha…Finally California’s people
> are lucky because it’s “Mr muscle” who have been elected , i mean it would
> have been a porno actress…
> bon courage pour tes cours a Waseda, et si un jour tu viens en France,
> n’oublie pas de me prevenir. Je vais essayer de retourner au Japon pendant
> les vacances universitaires en fevrier. Je te tiendrai au courant….
> a bientot,
> Mathias
> PS:Sorry for my English i’m still a dumb but i promess to write better
next time. I have English class this semester, i hope to improve it.