E-mail to Mathias 1.5.2004

Hi Mathais!

Happy New Year!  Waseda is still going well and my Japanese is getting
better but I still fail plenty of tests!  Level 3 is much more difficult
than level 2.  I’m enjoying myself though but don’t enjoy all the homework.
Aikido is good when I go. I haven’t been there for over a month and hope
they aren’t mad at me and kick me out.  ha ha..  I don’t think they can kick
me out though since I’m a paying customer.

Thanks for signing my message book on my website!  Sorry I said I like Spain
better than France..  It’s just that Spain doesn’t close the bars early like
France and America.  I like countries where you can stay out all night I

E-mail to Mathias 10.20.2003

Hello Mathias!

Good to hear from you!  I was wondering how you were doing back in France.
It’s always strange to go back home after living in Japan isn’t it?

Waseda is great this semester!  I like it much better than levels 1 and 2,
and nobody uses English (except for one teacher who uses terrible English
sometimes and makes me want to cry).  I like the pace of everything and
having skill based classes like reading, writing and speaking.  Level 2
wasn’t fun.  So needless to say I’m enjoying myself quite a bit!  I am still
waiting for my student visa though because they are taking a really long