E-mail to Allison 7.10.2004

It’s been a while, are you behaving yourself?  Are you even still in Japan? 
The semester is going to end soon and I’ll be happy to take a break from studying Japanese.  It’s also time to start another chapter of my life and actually get a full time job with benefits.  I’m going to try to get a job in Saigon, Vietnam in perhaps a trading or import company but I’m not sure if it will be possible just yet.  I hate this “thinking about the future” thing.  I could also stay in Japan and find a job but Tokyo is suffocating me and I need to someplace to golf!  I figure that if I can get to Vietnam and work there while learning the language, and doing a bunch of reading than I’ll be well positioned since Asia is booming now.  I also need to get a masters, but some honest work experience seems to be necessary at the moment. 
What are you planning to do after you graduate?  Any specific location you’d like to be at?  I’m so worried about getting stuck in a job I hate and wasting away for a couple of years. 
Also, can you pass me the link to your website?  I bought the domain “worldhomepages” and my side project is to create a kick ass website of personal homepages (no damn business sites!) grouped by country.  I’ve found other pages with personal homepages, but they are uninteresting and hard to find.  I’ve managed to get my page listed (2nd on google for my name!) so with the right strategy, I could create a pretty popular site I hope. 
Alright chica, let me know what you’ve been up to. 
El Mattador 

E-mail to Allison 5.19.2004

Hi Alli-san!

Sorry for the late response.  They are keeping us busy in Japanese class and
actually giving us work!  I don’t know where they get off making us work and
stuff,, it’s almost like a university class almost.  But actually my main
sensei is Korean and she will beat me if I don’t complete assignments.
Although I do enjoy certain beatings from time to time, I am a bit shy when
it is in front of my classmates.

Your party was excellent and a most supurb choice of dining establishments.
Ethiopian food is very yummy, and it was the first time in my life I
honestly enjoyed vegetarian dishes.  Maybe I’ll become a vegetarian as
well,, just as soon as I finish gnawing on this slab of cow I cooked up for
dinner.  I wish I could have come out to the after-party but I felt like
complete hell due to my alcoholism from the night before.

Speaking of which,, there is an outing to Genius this Friday.  I had just
made a promise to myself that I’m going to turn off my phone, not read
e-mails and become a hermit for a while when I got the message from Axel
about Genius.  I mean it is Genius after all..  I’m addicted to it Ally,,
please help.  I need a Sponsor to help me in my time of weakness.

OK,, if you must send a note, which of course you don’t have to do,,
especially when there is a relationship as intimate, special and naughty as
ours, then I’ll give you my address.  I normally would “forget” to include
it in the e-mail because it’s really not necessary, but I know you will bug
me about it later.



> Darlingest Matt-kun,
> Holy shit did I have fun last night!  I just looked at all the pictures
> you’re GREAT.  Very making-love-to-the-camera.  Very Giselle.  Very fabu.
> Good lord, though, was I trashed.  My tongue is hanging out in like two
> thirds of the shots.  Don’t let me do that next time.
> And duuuude, you SO didn’t have to bring me a gift!  Although, can I say,
> YUM.  Am still slightly too hungover to eat now, but will gorge myself on
> them later.
> Can you please pretty please send me your mailing address so I can write a
> proper thank you card?
> Seriously, you’re a blast.  Although I know you know that.
> With much love and props,
> alli

E-mail to Allison 4.7.2004

Hey Baby!

Sorry for the late response.  As usual I’ve been a drunk and got wasted on
Monday night with a few of my friends from the gym.  The next day I felt
like complete hell, but still managed to make it to work but not the Waseda
Orientation!!  I didn’t miss anything really important and the Italians and
Germans filled me in on what I had missed.  Then today I had to get my ass
up and go schedule classes.  They changed the entire system and basically
you have one of two choices.  One of them is a textbook class where you
follow the book everyday.  The second one is like “sogo” (sp?) and you have
to write reports and have more of a chance to speak.  I opted for the second
class since I hate textbooks.

Sorry to hear that your date sucked.  Was there a communication problem, or
was he just a drag to be around?  I would like to hear the details,, but
over a beer of course.  Speaking of beer, I am always in for Genius.  I’m
there!  I like the idea of setting Dima up as a Russian plaything.  I also
suspect Kazuko has a thing for him and if she goes it would be interesting
to see how Japanese chicks try to outmaneuver each other.  Can I bring my
video camera!??  Actually, Dima and I went to Roppongi after Yozakura last
weekend and we got so hammered that neither of us really remembers what
happened there.  I vaguely recall someone even drunker then us spitting a
little beer on us and I believe I threatened him and then told them Dima was
in the Russian Mafia (you know, to scare the hell out of them) and I think
they bought it.  Of course these are drunken shenannigans that I can’t
really recall and are much better to tell (try to piece together) when we
are drinking again.

Let me know about Saturday,, ,meeting times and whatnot.  I’m also up for a
visit to the park someday since the weather is so nice if you are anyone
else are interested.


El Mateo

E-mail to Allison 3.28.2004

Top of the Morning to ya!

As you may already know, I have no shame, so there can never be a “bad” topic!  Have no fear!

The lust love situations with that other group you hung with sounds interesting.  Can you imagine Axel or I getting jealous by petty nonsense such as that!  haha.  As for me, I do have a girlfriend and try to keep a modicum of respectability but am by no means a saint.  I was actually an alter boy at one point and even voted most likely to be a priest in the 8th grade!  Imagine that.  As for K, I just want her to have fun and meet some new friends.  I was a little taken aback when I thought she went to a love hotel for the simple fact that in the morning she might be embarrassed and not come out with us anymore.  That would be no fun, but she is free to do as she pleases.  Encourage your friend to contact her and go out with her if he would like.  He was a really cool guy and you can tell he is very intelligent. I’ll do some research and try to find some other cool places to hang out. It amazes me that in this city there are so many places to go, but I still have yet to find the gems except for Genius.  Roppongi, and the other gaijin haunts are so dirty and full of shady characters. I’m almost back to normal.  I really think I hurt my brain last night.  I did get myself to the gym and sweat out a bunch of the alcohol so I feel ok, except for the sore throat due to smoking.  I usually never smoke but as you know I can be persuaded quite easily especially when I’m wasted.

Good luck with the studying!

Website: www.mcurtin.com


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From: Allison To: “M Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004 7:02 PM Subject: Re:

Ok, first of all, thank you for that story.  I was DYING to ask what happened, but didn’t want to bring up a bad topic.  It totally looked like you were home free for a good couple of hours there — so home free, in fact, that I thought she might be your girlfriend.  Kendall, meanwhile, was totally in love with her.  Silly boy, always falling in love with every beautiful, friendly, intelligent woman who crosses his path.  It was “breaking his heart” that she apparently chose the most ‘tached member of our party to hook up with.  He’ll be happy to hear, I’m sure, that she’s just a playa. Meanwhile, I have to say that was EXACTLY what I needed.  I had SUCH a good time and would love to go out with y’all again.  It was just such a good vibe…a good chill group of people who are all fun with little or no issues.  Honestly, I think my sheer joy with it all was also because I had until recently, mostly been going out in a group of people who had all these ridiculous love/lust things going on.  I can tell you the whole story at some later point, if you wanna hear, but suffice to say it’s probably better for me to hang out with a different crowd. And I thought the club was smashing!  So cheap, so much fun, and good music! I woke up all happy this morning — and also had long dreams about lying around in a pink bikini, whatever that means. My best friend from Fukuoka just moved to Tokyo too, so I’ve got more people to go out with.  I just love where we are, temporally and geographically. Now I eat dinner, watch Hannah and her Sisters and think about cleaning my apartment. Coffee would be great.  I’m going to spend most of the week in one of Waseda’s libraries, and am always up for studying breaks. 

I’ll bring the smokes.



Good Day Ally-San.

Please never let me smoke either.  I have to clear my throat every 5 seconds
today.  I am also hung over and can’t think straight.  But isn’t it a
beautiful day!!!!  btw, I really am hung over and honestly cannot think, so
pardon me if some of my e-mail does not make sense.

Anyway, I had a great great time last night!!!!!  I was so glad you could
come out and I can’t wait until we can do it again!!  Having you, your
friends and K there really made it special.  Your friends are also
really cool and so much fun.  Also, I really thought you would like that
club,, it’s got a unique ambiance doesn’t it!  Also, no other gaijin is
good!  You guys are so much fun!!!  We have to party again,,, I want to do

Ok, let me tell you the crazy drunk story of last night.  As you know Sasha
started dancing with K and they were getting close.  I thought it was
cute, because I believed there was no way she was going to go for him.  Then
K asks me for the key and they leave together!!!   I about shit!  So
anyway, I think that getting the last train home is a good idea.  I go home
with Masaru while Dima and Axel go to Roppongi to meet Eve-San and her
friends.  I send K an e-mail just to make sure she is ok, and I’m very
curious if they are getting it on in some love hotel somewhere.  I find out
that they met up with Dima and Axel at the station and went to Roppongi!!

So then while I’m not 4 minutes from home (I should have gone home) I take a
taxi 6,000 yen! to Muse to meet up with them.  I see K and Sasha are
still dancing and I go about meeting people and being a drunkard.  When I
come back I see Sasha sitting alone and K is sitting with Dima!!!  She
is such a player!!  Dima is putting the moves on but K ended up going
home alone.

OK, I feel like hell and must lie down.  We should all have a coffee and try
and remember the night.  Talk to you later!

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From: “Allison
To: “M
Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004 9:46 AM

> New rule. Don’t let Ally smoke.  My eyes…they’re BURNING!
> Oh, so much fun last night.  Sorry I bailed, but it was such a
> beautiful moment I didn’t want to ruin it.
> Would love to go out again whenever.  (Am such the little dancing
> whore.)  That was SO what I needed.