Estate sales

Last weekend I came across two estate sales and decided to have a look around.  Estate sales are much better than garage sales:  at garage sales people are usually just getting rid of junk, things that are not very useful but at estate sales everything is for sale as the owner has passed away. But […]

Journal Entry – 3.4.2017

It is 4:49 AM on Saturday, March 4th, 2017.  I thought that for this post, I’d just write about the random things running through my mind lately. The first is I continue to think about the ideas put forth in the quantum mechanics book; specifically what reality looks like at the smallest of scales.  This […]


For the past week I’ve been using the new iPad to watch YouTube.  I’ve never watched much YouTube as I consider it a waste of time but I became so sick of the news I thought I’d explore some other things on the internet. One item I decided to check out was the recently created […]

the Tao of Pooh

I just finished reading the Tao of Pooh and I enjoyed it very much.  I know nothing of Taoism but through the book the basic principles were easily explained.  Without acting like the ‘desiccated scholar’ and going point by point and referencing this and that I think I’d like to summarize the points I think […]