Tokyo – Looking in from the Outside


 As time passes our experiences shape our lives and character.  Many are content to follow the current of life and are swept downstream never challenging themselves or trying to change the tide.  They become complacent and live in a world where uncertainty and that which is unfamiliar is quite frightening and thus avoided.  Then there are those who refuse and fight against this stream and thus forge their own futures leading to an overwhelming realization that they do not know everything, and things they once held as truths are overturned and discarded.  This enlightenment does not come by sitting idly by and letting things pass as they may, but by gaining the courage to explore, keeping an open mind to new thoughts and ways of life.  Sometimes it is quite painful to leave the familiar and safe, but once the threshold has been crossed they come to realize that there is no going back and therefore must forge ahead and continue upon the path they have chosen. 

A Practical Guide to Understanding Your Children


How to understand our young is a question that has plagued the older generations for centuries.  In the common mentality that pervades the thought within a generation, it seems that the young simply get worse every preceding age group.  For them, morals and accepted methods of social interaction are tossed on their head, and the young simply refuse to conform to their peaceful and established world.