E-mail to Dell Customer Support

 I was simply trying to order a battery.   Seems everything is a little bit more difficult when you live in a foreign country————————————– Eric,, I don’t know you so don’t take my sarcasm as against you.. I’m simply protesting the insane questions you have to answer to get one stupid backup battery exported… But all…… Continue reading E-mail to Dell Customer Support

E-mail to Ron 3.27.2003

Just a stupid site I thought you would enjoy…  Make sure your sound is turned on though!!!!!! http://isd.usc.edu/~barney/Pics/romance.swf By the way, I managed to corrupt all my hundreds of MP3 files and other important information when I upgraded.  It should have been easy but I have partitions on my hard drive for Linux and a…… Continue reading E-mail to Ron 3.27.2003