Computer Issues

I’ve lost count of all the computer issues I’ve had over the past three decades. They tend to pop up every two years or so, mostly due to the relentless assault of updates and upgrades. When computers break most people just lost all their data then went out and bought a new computer. The cloud…… Continue reading Computer Issues

Smart Home Networking

*Note. This post started out as a regular journal entry but then ended up a home networking post. The time is 6:09 AM on Saturday December 21st, 2019. I always wake up early, usually around 3:30, 4:00 AM. When I do the decision has to be made if I should actually get out of bed…… Continue reading Smart Home Networking

Google Home

I’ve always enjoyed technology and have often been a first adopter before new tech really goes mainstream. As I’ve gotten older my enthusiasm for always learning new things has waned a bit. I think this is because I have so much more technology in my life and technology is improving and changing at such a…… Continue reading Google Home

Computer Issues

I’ve finally solved a computer issue that had been a major thorn in my side for about 6 months. It was a problem that caused me to reinstall Windows, start using Windows 7, consider ditching Windows all together and using Linux, updating and deleting drivers and reading a ton of forums. It all started when…… Continue reading Computer Issues

Windows Reinstall

Story below this post is primarily a guide for myself. In case Windows completely malfunctions  Boot from Windows disk and do a complete reinstall. Pull out the motherboard CD and reinstall drivers Do a Windows update Just when I thought the major stress had passed I was greeted with a catastrophic Windows failure. Cleaning out…… Continue reading Windows Reinstall