My View – Facebook and the "Tell-All Generation"

I am addicted to the New York Times “Most Popular” list of articles.  Yet again, there is an article I would like to comment on concerning social networks and how much information todays young people share.  The article “Tell-All Generation Learns to Keep Things Offline”  warns these people that the things you post on Facebook…… Continue reading My View – Facebook and the "Tell-All Generation"

Blog from Iphone

My first post on my mobile device. Blogging remotely is going to be fun. Please enjoy a fountain of master yoda which is located at Letterman Digital Arts. (and a test for me so I can be sure everything is working properly) — Post From My iPhone Location:Bush St,San Francisco,United States

My Blog

I’ve kept a blog this blog for quite some time. However, I really haven’t been very active in terms of approving comments, learning new things or writing new entries. Just now I looked at the comments and found a lot! I also checked out the visitor statistics which are pretty good for a blog that…… Continue reading My Blog

A Brief History of My Experience with Computers and the Internet

I find it hard to believe that it has been 13 years already since the internet became mainstream. However, in those thirteen years I have only come across a few applications that I have found extremely useful.  First a brief history. I first started using a computer around age 13 on an Apple 2C to…… Continue reading A Brief History of My Experience with Computers and the Internet

New Look

Finally a new look for my old blog. I’ve had a few days off so finally had the time to sit in front of the computer and learn new things. The hard part about redesigns is that the web changes so much year to year and everything I knew how to do isn’t up to…… Continue reading New Look

Website Cleaned

A couple of weeks ago I noticed my site had a warning issued by Google that it was downloading malicious software. It took me a while to figure out how to clean out the virus but now it is ok again. Basically, I just downloaded the entire directory, ran the anti-virus on it, deleted the…… Continue reading Website Cleaned

I'm Back Again!!!

I haven’t written an entry in years. You may think it’s because I ran out of stuff to say. But if you knew me, you know that that can’t be true…. Truth is, I fell into “gaming” again. I’ve been a “gamer” or video-gamer as they say since I was 6. The video game industry…… Continue reading I'm Back Again!!!