Journal Entry – 6.20.2017

It is 7:03 AM on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017.  It is very late for me to be writing a journal entry but today is an unusual day.  My family left for Japan yesterday which means I’m a bachelor for a very long time.  This is normal when you’re married to a Japanese, they go home with the kids for the summer to see the grandparents and also to ensure that the kids are exposed as much as possible to the language and culture.  My oldest son will be attending summer school in Japan and so his Japanese will get much better.  He has grown up speaking it and was at his best at the language in preschool since it was a Japanese one.  But kindergarten was American and so his English improved remarkably while his Japanese got worse.  Living in Japan for a while should reverse that.

Finding Mr. Bill Tatz

This is an old picture (Year – 2000) in front of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) where we had just come out of a meeting. My friend to the left is named Bill Tatz. During the trip he fell in love with an Australian and apparently moved to Australia never to be heard from again. I’m posting this pic in the hopes we will someday hear from him. Bill!!!!!!! Where did you go???? Last known e-mail address: