Friday beer


Stopped in a local dive bar (Seahorse) that I’ve never been in before for a Friday drink. Dive bars in Pacifica seem pretty similar to those in San Francisco.

There are a couple of locals, one of which really likes basketball and is getting very excited and very upset alternating every 20 seconds or so.

Some girls just brought in balloons as there apparently will be a party tonight. It is a shame I won’t be able to stick around.

Saigon Stories

Tonight I went out with a friend of mine to a local Australian Pub called the Blue Geko. It’s a great place to meet drunk Australians who are really open and easy to talk to.

One guy shared a story with us about how he got conned out of 200 australian dollars and one million dong. He had hired a motorbike taxi who took him to all the usual sights, and then to a girly bar in the evening. He was sat down and a lot of girls came in. He chose a few to sing karaoke with but about an hour after all the girls left and three Vietnamese came in with a bill totaling $276 USD.