Princess Shikishi Poem – 式子内親王の詩

今日はこの詩を見つかりました。本当に本当にきれいだと思いました。そしてこのブログで付けて、忘れないようにしました。Winter Becoming Spring1In spring toowhat first stands out —Mount Otowa —from the snow at its peakthe rays of the sun appear.2Here deep in the hills,my pine door would never knowthat springtime had come —but for a broken trickleof jewels of melted snow.3Though warblers have not called,in the sound of cascadespouring down rocksspring is heard.Spring4With spring…… Continue reading Princess Shikishi Poem – 式子内親王の詩

Friday 9.19.2014

I am glad it is Friday.This week we had our very first rain after going through most of the year without even a dark cloud.  I was sitting outside on an unusually warm Wednesday night when the wind picked up, clouds rolled in and it reminded me of what happens back in Columbus, Ohio right…… Continue reading Friday 9.19.2014

L'automne est arrivé

I have always loved the autumn season.  The temperature cools, the leaves change color and a new chapter opens.The year begins with a rebirth of sorts, recognized by a litany of New Year’s pledges and the excitement of having passed midway through the ice and chill of winter.  Before long the grass starts to grow,…… Continue reading L'automne est arrivé