Mexico – 8.2.1999 – Acapulco 2

Last night was a bad one.  I was allergic to something in the room and kept sneezing and had a runny nose.  Right now we are in the bus station waiting to go back to Texcoco.  I really didn’t enjoy Acapulco as much as I thought I would.  Well, I still feel pretty congested after last night and don’t feel like writing anymore in this bus terminal.  I’ll write more later. 

Anywho, back to not being satisfied with Acapulco.  I guess I was looking for more of a spring break atmosphere or something.  There really were not that many people on the beach.  I thought this was strange seeing as it is the tourist season.  I also hoped for better seafood restaurants.  I did enjoy how they were right on the beach yet I was hoping the portions would be bigger and the selection a bit wider.  

There are a few things I forgot to write about as well that I am going to write here.  One incident that occurred was Saturday night when I felt like crap and the others were waiting to go out.  Kyle was sitting on a chair listening to his walkman when he looks up and points then says “water.”  There was a flood of water coming under our door.  It turned out that the room next door had the shower on but for some reason it was flooding all over the place.  We had to put a towel under the door which helped a little but really didn’t stop the inflow.  Greg, Kyle and I used our shoes to try and push the water towards the drain in the bathroom.  Eventually maintenance came and cleaned up the mess.  Greg went down to complain and eventually got us a 30% discount.  

The beach in Acapulco wasn’t so great.  To get down to it you had to go through a restaurant and they wanted you to sit at their tables.  The water wasn’t something you could relax in because not 3 feet into the water the waves crashed and after that the bottom dropped off a bit.  So basically you either had to fight the waves or swim.  While on the beach countless Mexicans would come up to you trying to sell stuff.  I did have fun letting the waves wash me ashore then drag me back again through.  All in all I had a decent time.  I also watched a lot of MTV.  They had clay animation called Celebrity Deathmatch which was hilarious.  I really didn’t want to go shopping, you can only eat a few times a day and the beach gets old.  So what is a guy to do but watch TV?  

One thing that annoyed me when we went shopping, which is the same thing that annoys me all over Mexico when shopping are the vendors.  I absolutely hate how they cannot leave you in peace to shop.  They always have to say stuff like “You want blanket, very cheap!” Actually it drives me insane.  I do not like shopping in Mexico.  


Mexico – 8.1.1999 – Acapulco

Ok, now I have to go back to last Friday.  We took our exams that morning and I think I did pretty well.  I knew a lot about NAFTA and am sure I got an A but wasn’t too clear on the Puebla project.  After our exam we headed to the bus terminal for our trip to Acapulco.  I got major flashbacks in the terminal of traveling around Europe with Alejandro.  It took about an hour to get to Mexico City from Texcoco then we had to travel to the South bus station which took another 25 minutes by taxi.  Then we waited for 45 minutes until the bus left for Acapulco.  We watched two movies while on the bus.  

The first was Police Academy but it sucked because it was in Spanish.  The second movie was just stupid.  After arriving in Acapulco we were all anxious for some fun.  It was really too late for the beach seeing as we arrived around 7pm.  We were pretty hungry around this time and really wanted some seafood.  Actually, the first thing we noticed was that our room was ocean front.  We had a great view of the ocean but the street right in front of our hotel kind of spoiled it because people are always honking.  

Anywho, we went out for a little seafood but didn’t have to look far because there were places right along the beach in front of our hotel.  We ate at this restaurant that was like a ship and all the waiters were dressed as pirates.  It was pricey but the food was excellent.  I ordered the shrimp but only got five, yet huge shrimp.  

One thing that bothered me was the type of seafood they serve in Mexico.  I guess I was looking for more of a calabash type Myrtle Beach restaurant and they simply don’t exist here.  It was nice to eat right alongside the ocean however.  

After the restaurant it was time to hit the discoteca.  We were pretty impressed by the picture of on e on the card the cab driver had given us.  We went and it was $20 to get in, however it was a free bar.  We all had a good time and danced a lot.  I guess I’m getting old though because the bars just aren’t as much fun as they used to be.  

The next day we got up and went straight to McDonald’s for lunch.  No matter where you are there is always a McDonald’s and it is always excellent.

After McDonald’s it was time for the beach.  The first thing that happened was Greg puked in the water.  This was the second time he threw up in the ocean.  The first was in Veracruz.  After about an hour and a half we all went in and took a nap.  When we woke up we went for dinner at another seafood restaurant.  I wasn’t feeling too well at this point and decided I wasn’t going out that night.  We all went back to the hotel and I laid down because I felt like absolute crap.  

The Farm Boys and Jen did end up going out and woke me up when they returned at 4am.  We all slept in pretty late the next morning and went to the bus station around noon.  We got a big shock though when we found out all the buses going to Mexico City were full until 5pm!!  We had been warned to not travel in Mexico at night so we decided to buy our tickets for the next day and stay in Acapulco one more night.  

Jen and I got separated from the Farm Boys because they thought they could get the last two seats on the 3 o’clock to Mexico City at another station.  After we separated Jen and I went back to the beach for around an hour.  Then I was getting burned and decided to go back in .  About an hour later she returned and rested for a bit then went shopping.  I decided to go to the beach, get a table and write in my journal.  I wrote for about an hour when Jen came and joined me for a few Coronas.  We talked for a few hours then went back to the room to wash up for dinner.  We got a big surprise when Greg called the room and said they weren’t able to get on the 3 o’clock bus.  They had been swimming in the pool all day.

We tried to call Texcoco then but the operator told me the lines for the Santa Bertha hotel were private and she couldn’t give them to me.  Kyle tried to call the Valezquez but couldn’t get a hold of them either.  There was nothing we could do but go to dinner.  The Farm Boys were too tired to go and had to catch a 9am bus the next day and just went to bed.  Jen and I went to a seafood place along the ocean and got lobster.  IT was incredible lobster as well, especially with butter.  

*Note – The hotel we stayed at in Acapulco was the Hotel Tortuga.  
Hotel Santa Bertha was where we stayed in Texcoco.  

Hotel Tortuga – Acapulco