E-mail to Kazuko 3.22.2004

Salut Kazuko,Merci pour ton e-mail.  Mes amis et moi veulent sortir ce-weekend si tu eslibre.  Normalment, on prendre a “The Hub” a Takadanobaba.  Apres ca,quelquefois on va a disco s’applle “Genius” a Ginza.  C’est un endroit treschic et on doit porter des vetements bon.  Les hommes doit portent un suitou des vetements formel.  Est-ce que […]

Tokyo – Looking in from the Outside

  As time passes our experiences shape our lives and character.  Many are content to follow the current of life and are swept downstream never challenging themselves or trying to change the tide.  They become complacent and live in a world where uncertainty and that which is unfamiliar is quite frightening and thus avoided.  Then there are those who […]