E-mail to Dad 5.20.2004

Dad,Thank you very much for the files from the Apple you sent me.  I understoodall the technical jargon very well and was able to read my journal from highschool.  I was honestly transported back in time and to my previous way ofthinking. All I can say is that I can never thank you enough for theinvestment…… Continue reading E-mail to Dad 5.20.2004

E-mail to Mathias 5.19.2004

Hey Mathias!Correction, done!  It’s so much easier to translate between French andEnglish then to Japanese isn’t it!  It sounds like you’ve got a toughschedule with school,, good luck.As for Japanese class they split each level into two separate classes.  Oneclass is for people who want to study with a textbook.  In the other (myclass) we…… Continue reading E-mail to Mathias 5.19.2004

E-mail to Allison 5.19.2004

Hi Alli-san!Sorry for the late response.  They are keeping us busy in Japanese class andactually giving us work!  I don’t know where they get off making us work andstuff,, it’s almost like a university class almost.  But actually my mainsensei is Korean and she will beat me if I don’t complete assignments.Although I do enjoy…… Continue reading E-mail to Allison 5.19.2004

E-mail to Mari Mogami 5.3.2004

Hi Mari Mogami!Great to get your message!  Your Spanish is perfect!!!!  It’s not fair!!I’m guessing that your English is perfect as well, so no need to write inSpanish this time!Thanks for your message!  I’m glad you can take some time to relax with yourfamily and I’m happy for your uncle!  What a great story that…… Continue reading E-mail to Mari Mogami 5.3.2004

E-mail to Ryan 4.30.2004

Hello Mr. Energy/Utility company redeveloper! I bet if you tell chicks that in the bar it will get you laid.  hahahah.  But seriously, it sounds like you are on your way!  Ryan is all grown up now and has a real job and everything.  That’s excellent, good work.   Funny story about the Indian computer nerd and…… Continue reading E-mail to Ryan 4.30.2004