E-mail to Dad 7.19.2004

Hey Dad,Nick got here just fine and doing well.  He e-mailed Aunt C two daysago.  From what he tells me, he had quite a nice experience in thePhilippines and got his scuba diving license.  When I picked them up fromthe airport they both looked like your typical scruffy backpackers andcompletely wiped out.  The next day…… Continue reading E-mail to Dad 7.19.2004

E-mail to Dad 7.14.2004

Dad:Thanks for sending me those articles.  It looks like you’ve done really wellfor yourself and Grandpa and Grandma would be extremely proud of what someonewho had trouble with Math has become.  I’m extremely proud to have such anintelligent father who can always show me the other side or view whenproblems arise and offer a well…… Continue reading E-mail to Dad 7.14.2004

E-mail to Dad 7.2.2004

Good Morning Dad,I’m glad you like the books.  I’ve been reading a lot lately about space andwhere exactly we are.  Living abroad has done so much more for me thansimply language.  I’m able to understand people, their influences andmentality much better now.  Getting out of one’s normal environment reallymakes one expand their mind and see…… Continue reading E-mail to Dad 7.2.2004

E-mail to German 5.23.2004

What’s up man, Sorry for the late response.  I’m busy every day here trying to learn this pinche Japones.  Pero en serio me esta matando.  Tambien, tengo que buscar trabajo, y en serio estoy buscando trabajo en Vietnam.  Me enctanta esa pais, pero creo que para encontrar un trabajo seria dificil.  Estoy seguro que no quiero…… Continue reading E-mail to German 5.23.2004

E-mail to sister 5.22.2004

Hi!Always good to receive such a long e-mail from you.  I see you’ve beenextremely busy as usual and I hope your taking some time to relax once in awhile.  I did hear about Grandma’s heart attack and I’m glad to hear she isdoing well.  I’m interested to see what green mugs you are talking aboutbecause…… Continue reading E-mail to sister 5.22.2004