Journal Entry – 8.8.1998

I’ve been back about a week now and I am finally starting to settle in.  I was depressed for the first couple of days.  I missed everything about Spain.  But now things are getting back to normal.  I’ve also got my living situation arranged.  I’m going to be living at Olentangy Commons.  It’s a very…… Continue reading Journal Entry – 8.8.1998

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Journal Entry – 7.31.1998

Well I got up this morning, packed the rest of my stuff, took a shower and watched that cartoon, what’s his names laboratory.  Then I had the shuttle take me to the airport and I sat there for a while waiting for the flight. Now I’m on the airplane above the Atlantic ocean heading home.  I’m…… Continue reading Journal Entry – 7.31.1998

Journal Entry – 7.30.1998

Well I’m leaving for home tomorrow. I’m just sitting here in my hotel room because everyone else has already left.  Laurel was here with me and we had a great time together here in Madrid.  But she left today around one and I went into Madrid and bought a USA Today went to Kentucky Fried…… Continue reading Journal Entry – 7.30.1998