Journal Entry – English Class 11.5.1991

Theme:  If I could trade places with anyone

Today I feel great.  I wouldn’t want to trade places with anyone because I like being me.  I feel good because I Had a great report card and everything is organized in my life right now.  I can’t stand being unorganized and messy.  I like everything to be organized and clean.  I also feel good because I have no conditioning today, I can just go home and relax.  

Journal – 4.27.1987

Manners / Why it’s a sign of love

1. Saying please and thank you – because you showing the person you’re thankful for what they did.

2. Helping an old lady across the street – it shows that you care.

3. Helping your mom do the dishes – it shows that you care about things. 

4. Listen to your mom when she talks – it shows that you pay attention to what she says.

5. Obey the teacher – it shows that you care.