Journal Entry – English Class 11.7.1991

Theme:  What really gets to me

Today I about broke my neck in gym doing a back bridge.  Yesterday we had conditioning and we had an Indian run and I got a cramp but I didn’t stop.  

Things that really bother me is when I’m watching TV and everybody has to come down and watch it with me.  I hate it when my mom is going somewhere and she just stops and stares at the TV and makes comments on what I’m watching.  I also hate it when all my friends come into my room and mess it up because I like everything nice and organized.  I also hate when my little sister acts like my mom.  EX: I burped and she goes “What do you say?”

Journal Entry – English Class 11.6.1991

Theme:  If I had three wishes

Today I feel good even though I have conditioning today.  I can’t wait to get home because the week is almost over and it’s almost time for the weekend.  I did pretty good in wrestling today, I took three people out.  I wonder where we are going to run today for conditioning.  We can’t run in the gym because they’re doing something to the floor.  We can’t run outside because it’s too cold.  We will probably run the hallway.

Journal Entry – English Class 11.1.1991

Today I feel sick, I feel like I’m going to barf.  Halloween is over and that is depressing.  It was so much fun when I was little, now it just slipped by.  I watched all the Halloween specials last night on the Disney Channel and it was great.  This morning when I was taking my shower the hot water ran out and I was freezing.  

Journal Entry – English Class 10.31.1991

Today I feel a little better because I got through conditioning yesterday and we don’t have conditioning today.  The only bad thing is I forgot my lunch money today and I’m hungry!  I want to go home and pig out and sleep.  I’d love just staying home and watching TV.  I am so tired from conditioning I just want food and sleep.  I can’t believe I forgot my lunch money, I am going to be soo hungry.  I hope school goes by fast because I am very hungry.  

Journal Entry – English Class 10.30.1991

I don’t feel like writing today.  All I want to do is get some chicken soup and go back to myi nice warm bed and sleep.  To make it worse I have conditioning after school today and we are going to have to run far and that is no fun.  I wish I could just go home and crawl into a hole where all I have to do is eat, sleep and watch TV.  Everything would be great if I didn’t have conditioning.  Oh crap people are talking again and Mrs. Russell is going to yell.  I wish people would shut up and do what their supposed to.  The only good thing about today is Halloween.  I love all holidays, especially Halloween and Christmas.  I don’t feel very good today.  My friend has asked 25 people to homecoming and been rejected every time.  Now he is trying to bring me down because the girl I was going to ask he told her I was going to and messed the whole thing up which cheeses me off.  I wish I would win the lottery and not have to worry about a thing again.  I just am going to go home after the dreadful conditioning and sleep and watch cartoons.  I hate it when my parents say my life is so carefree.  Carefree my butt.  They already have good jobs and just have to go to them.  We have to worry about getting good grades to get a good job.