Journal Entry – 12.26.1996

Well I finally got my own computer!!!   I am sitting here writing on my laptop!!!    Nothing much has happened since I wrote last.  I guess you could say I am talking to Taryn but we are really different.  But she is a nice girl.  anyways, I gotta run I'll chat at you later!

Journal Entry – 3.12.1996

Well we finally got our new computer.  I think I've got it down but I'm not sure if this message is just on my disk or on the computer itself.  I hope that it is just on the disk so I can start a new journal. Well things are going pretty good for me.  It [...]

Journal Entry – 4.5.1993

Well many many things have happened in the last 3 months. Last night I went out with Kevin D and Ryan.  We went to Grandview to try to find Carmen.  I went to BP to get some smokes and on the way out Carmen, Jason G, Ptolomey, and Mike Gill saw me and ran after me. [...]