Journal Entry – 4.20.1992

The weather is great today except it is a little bit hot. I went to the mall looking for a NY Mets hat but they didn’t have any that i liked.  I got some earrings though, my birth stone and a small diamond. I am in a very sluggish mood.  I was at Jonathan’s a little bit ago we played basketball and soaked our heads in water. Today is the last day of break i have to go back to school tomorrow.

Journal Entry – 4.16.1992

Today was the first day of Easter break. I got up at 10:30 this morning.  I went to Jonathan’s and we played basketball then we went to Chad’s and played more basketball   after a while Drew , Danielle , and Amy came out and shot with us too we were slam dunking on Chad’s rim, I got a pretty good tan too .  Bob is spending the  night tonight.