Journal Entry – English Class 11.12.1991

Theme: Let me tell you how to…

Today I wish it kept snowing.  It started but it stopped.  I can’t wait for it to snow so we can get out of school.  Today my sister got out of school because Trinity had a boiler problem and the electricity went out.  I wish that would have happened to Ready.  


Journal Entry – English Class 11.11.1991

Theme: The ways I’m different from everyone else

Today I feel pretty good even though I have conditioning.  I hope it snows sometime soon.  Snow is great because it’s neat to look at and have snowball fights.  I can’t wait till Christmas.  I have this ritual that I do; I get up at 3:30 in the morning and look at all the stuff I got and open my presents and look in my stocking, and look outside and it’s neat.  I can’t wait.  

Journal Entry – English Class 11.8.1991

Theme: I’d love to travel to….

Well I got through conditioning but I’m writing this three days late and it’s Monday now and I have conditioning again.  

-> Wow I really didn’t write enough on this page and about every page I mention conditioning.  Towards the end of conditioning it got easier but now I don’t know what’s going to happen and I”m kinda nervous.  At least in conditioning I knew what to expect.  I think I’ll write about the subject of today’s entry is.  

Journal Entry – English Class 11.7.1991

Theme:  What really gets to me

Today I about broke my neck in gym doing a back bridge.  Yesterday we had conditioning and we had an Indian run and I got a cramp but I didn’t stop.  

Things that really bother me is when I’m watching TV and everybody has to come down and watch it with me.  I hate it when my mom is going somewhere and she just stops and stares at the TV and makes comments on what I’m watching.  I also hate it when all my friends come into my room and mess it up because I like everything nice and organized.  I also hate when my little sister acts like my mom.  EX: I burped and she goes “What do you say?”

Journal Entry – English Class 11.6.1991

Theme:  If I had three wishes

Today I feel good even though I have conditioning today.  I can’t wait to get home because the week is almost over and it’s almost time for the weekend.  I did pretty good in wrestling today, I took three people out.  I wonder where we are going to run today for conditioning.  We can’t run in the gym because they’re doing something to the floor.  We can’t run outside because it’s too cold.  We will probably run the hallway.