Journal – 10.7.1986

Theme: What would you do if you lived in Alaska?

I am in the State of Alaska people will dress with fur coats and snow boots.  You won’t go swimming as much.  You will go skiing, ice skating and you will have snow ball fights and sled races and hockey.  You will have fur coats. 

You will see the White House.  You will see the ???.  You will wear loose clothes.  

John Paul Rhodes (Srodkowski / Sarcopski)

John Paul Rhodes (Srodkowski / Sarcopski)

John you are not forgotten

John Rhodes
John Rhodes

This is a memorial post for my Uncle John Paul Rhodes.  I never had the chance to meet him or I do not remember as I was very young at the time of his death in 1985.  I hope I have the chance to meet him again in whatever comes after I die.

Grave Coordinates: 40°08’46.7″N 80°50’51.0″W

John Paul Rhodes Grave

John Rhodes

Cemetery Information:

Holly Memorial Gardens
73360 Pleasant Grove Rd
Colerain, OH 43916
Tel: 740-633-5939