Journal Entry – 8.7.1992

A couple of days ago I came back from Ceder Point. At the Holidome where we stayed me and Ryan met two good looking girls. I went up to talk to them and after we talked a while me and Ryan went to play put-put. The girls followed us and we ended up playing put-put together. During our second game they closed down but we still wanted to talk (they had bikini tops and boxers on they were also barefoot which made it better).  We went and sat on the steps and talked to them till 2:30 in the morning. They were staying till Friday and we were leaving the next day. It was great though because every time my girl who was sitting right next to me turned around she put her leg on me she also kept putting her foot on my foot. I would have a girlfriend right now if she didn’t live in Indiana. I got her address and I really hope I see her again in my lifetime, her name was Tiffany. (she had sandy blond short hair and was very nice)

Journal Entry – 6.5.1992

Today Kevin came over and we went to McDonald’s with Cindy then Andy, Kevin and I went golfing after that me and Kevin went to Grandview I slammed on the breakaway rim for a while. Then Tony Morris got done setting up for bingo we went to his house then came back because he had to set up the downstairs. While he was doing that me and Kevin went to Taco Bell and then Tony joined us. Kevin had to leave after that so me and tony went to Derick’s then the three of us went to the ropes and it started to pour rain. There was a clubhouse there so we went in it until a crash of thunder knocked us all down (this was in the woods) and tons of water came pouring down into the ravine we were in.  So we went up to a house that was being built and stayed in its garage till it stopped raining. then we went to swing on the ropes and we were like 25 feet up in the air also it was very muddy so we kept slipping down the hill and we got all muddy.

Journal Entry – 5.23.1992

Today I went back to the falls with Tony, Andy, and Chris. Everything went smoothly until Chris took my rabbits skull and threatened to knock it off the bridge unless i licked the tracks. I wasn’t going to lick the tracks and i told him if he kicked it off i would hit him . He did so when we got to the fields i tackled him and put him in a cradle, he tried to grab my throat but i merely knocked his arm away. He was at my mercy but i just wanted to prove a point; that i could kick his ass. So I just let him up and he did nothing but went on about how he could have kicked my ass, but he is just too stupid and embarrassed to admit it.  I kicked his ass!

Journal Entry – 5.19.1992

Today we had a baseball game that I didn’t play in but i found other ways of entertainment. I threw rocks at people and they didn’t know who threw it. I cant wait until summer, i hope Tony, Kevin and I go to Hocking Hills again. It was so fun last year, it was all I thought about in study hall during wrestling season, all you do there is fish, listen to music and sleep. Also we are going to North Carolina this year so that should be pretty fun.  My birthday is in seven days then i will be fifteen years old. Kevin is already driving its really weird to have one of your close friends driving already.