Journal Entry – English Class 11.18.1991

Theme: Character is much easier kept than recovered

I can’t think of anything to say; I can’t just start writing without anything to say.  Today we don’t have basketball practice so that’s good but tomorrow we do and I’m going to be here till 9:00 pm and that’s not good.  I hate school but I love my life.  I really need to write in my journal because I didn’t do too good on my grammar test and I failed my religion test and I need to keep writing in this notebook so I can get a good grade.  I have to get good grades because I want a good future and a good, high-paying job.  I can’t wait till I get home because that’s the place where I like to be the best.

Journal Entry – English Class 11.14.1991

Theme: I really like the music of…

Today I feel sick.  I have an upset stomach and something smells like gasoline and its making me sick.  Today we don’t have conditioning but we do have a meeting for basketball.  I can’t wait to get home and sleep.  

I really like Guns n’ Roses and you can’t say I’m a front runner because I liked them when they came out with their first tape and I liked them before anyone else.  

Journal Entry – English Class 11.13.1991

Theme: A place where I feel good

I feel good in my room because no one can bug me and I have everything I need all in my room.  A TV, VCR, stereo, a video game system called Genesis and a desk.  I love my house because it’s nice and comfortable and I don’t have to worry about anything.  I also feel good on my basketball court because nobody is bugging me to do anything.  I can just practice basketball.  


Journal Entry – English Class 11.12.1991

Theme: Let me tell you how to…

Today I wish it kept snowing.  It started but it stopped.  I can’t wait for it to snow so we can get out of school.  Today my sister got out of school because Trinity had a boiler problem and the electricity went out.  I wish that would have happened to Ready.  


Journal Entry – English Class 11.11.1991

Theme: The ways I’m different from everyone else

Today I feel pretty good even though I have conditioning.  I hope it snows sometime soon.  Snow is great because it’s neat to look at and have snowball fights.  I can’t wait till Christmas.  I have this ritual that I do; I get up at 3:30 in the morning and look at all the stuff I got and open my presents and look in my stocking, and look outside and it’s neat.  I can’t wait.