Journal Entry – English Class 12.9.1991

Today in gym I won 3rd place in the one on one competition after beating Marshall Freda.  The only person that beat me was Drew Purcell.  Last Saturday I beat everybody I wrestled and got a lot of scrapes on my knees from mat burns.  It still hasn’t snowed yet.  I can’t wait till it snows so we can have snowball fights.  

Journal Entry – English Class 12.6.1991

All the snow melted away.  It better snow because if it doesn’t snow I will be very disappointed.  Today I am very tired, it took me forever to get out of bed this morning.  I can’t wait to get home so I can relax.  The only thing I have to do is go to a wrestling scrimmage but I just have to watch because I have only been at wrestling for two days.  I don’t feel good today, I am sore from wrestling practice and just want to sleep and eat all day.  

Journal Entry – English Class 12.5.1991

Yesterday it snowed half the day and we still don’t have even an inch yet.  Yesterday I had wrestling practice, it is more fun than basketball practice even though I like basketball better.  Wrestling gives me something to do.  The only thing I don’t like about it is it’s 3 hours long. 

I can’t wait till Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year. My favorite movie to watch near Christmas is a Christmas Story.  It’s about a kid who wants a BB gun and nobody will get it for him but his Dad gets him it.  I love watching the Christmas specials they have.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and all the other ones that are on this time of year.  

Journal Entry – English Class 12.4.1991

Today I feel pretty good because it snowed and when it snows it makes me feel good.  After school today I have to go to wrestling practice because Mr. Balmert wants me to.  I don’t think I”ll wrestle because it’s till 6:00 pm  everyday and I don’t have time for that if I want to keep my grades up.  It didn’t snow that much today.  There is just snow on the grass and snow drifts everywhere.  I hope we get a couple of inches of snow so we can get out of school and it’s also fun to play with because of snowball fights.  I love to have snowball fights and throw snowballs at cars.  

Journal Entry – English Class 12.3.1991

Today I can just go home and relax.  The only thing I have to worry about is wrestling.  I didn’t make basketball and was the last one cut.  Now Mr. Balmert found out and told me to wrestle.  I don’t really want to wrestle because it’s everyday and I don’t have time because I have homework and need to study to bring my grades up.  I hope it snows before Christmas so we can get out of school at least 1 day because of snow.  And Christmas just isn’t the same without some snow.