Journal Entry – 2.15.1999

I am pumped up.  I just checked my score on my accounting midterm and I got a 22 out of 40 which isn't that bad.  I'm still in the ballgame!!  Nothing is going to stop me now.  I am going to pass this course weather my prof likes it or not.  I am going to [...]

Journal Entry – 1.21.1999

Life is going pretty well.  Alejandro called me a few days ago and it looks like we are going to San Diego for Spring Break!!  I really can't wait to go and see all the fundies again!  Next weekend I'm travelling to Purdue to see Tory also.  It's her birthday on Thursday and her roommate [...]

Journal Entry – 1.11.1999

School is not going to be easy this quarter.  Accounting is really hard.  Spanish is pretty difficult but I do like Spanish so I'm not worried about that.  I feel like I got a lot done today.  Working out was the main thing.  I always feel so good after working out.  I can't believe I've [...]

Journal Entry – 10.21.1998

Life is going by in a blur.  I hate this fucking computer, it gets slower day after day.  Anyways, life is still weird.  I get up day after day and go about my daily routine.  I am behind in my studies and didn't do very well on my first 2 midterms.  Day after day I [...]

Journal Entry – 10.5.1998

I really look forward to throwing a dip in and playing, writing on my computer now.  This is a time I can finally express my thoughts through writing.  My greatest enemy is motivation and time.  There are so many things I want to write about but am just not motivated or don't have the time.  [...]