Journal Entry – 1.1.1997

BUCKEYES WIN THE ROSE BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   We just got back from Pasadena and the game was awesome!!!!!!!!!   The Buckeyes had an awesome comeback.  AZ had just scored a touchdown with 1 min and 30 seconds left and the Bucks drove down the field and scored.   It was by far the best game I have ever been too.  Now we are going to go out to eat with xxxxx. xxxxx is a great girl.  Two bad there are 2 big drawbacks.  First she is xxxxx daughter and second she is 29 but doesn’t look like it at all.  It feels great to finally know her.  The first time I saw her I was in heaven.  She was by far the best looking girl I had ever seen.  And I even danced with her last night.  We talked on the way back from the game and she is just like any other person.  Well I gotta go get ready to eat now.  See ya.

Journal Entry – 12.30.1996

Well here I am in Los Angeles “City of Angels”.   It’s like a totally different world out here.  There are many good looking women!!!!   Many Asian and Latina women… good lord they’re amazing!!!!!!!   I could easily get used to living out here.  I was actually in BEVERLY HILLS today.  We went shopping on the famous “Rodeo Drive”  the most famed street in the world.  I bought two coats.  One in the Guess Store, and the other in some Italian shop.  My guess coat was only 120 dollars and is pretty cool.  The other was originally $1400 dollars!!!!!!  but they were going out of business and it was on sale for 400 dollars so I just had to get it…. 

Journal Entry – 12.29.1996

Hey guess where I am!!!   I’m on a private jet heading to Pasidena!!.   Anywayz  it’s slow going in the girl department.  I was talking with this girl named Taryn but we are sooo different and she is not really what I want in a girlfriend.   But she looks cute when she gets fixed up.  And then there is Tason.  I met her in Spanish class and we lift almost every day together.  But she is too bossy,  she thinks beer is the worst thing in the world and despises it.  We got into a big argument the night before Spanish finals because we where studying at Arabica and I had gotten a spitter.  She said that if i put a dip in she was leaving.  So I put a dip in.  And she got up and left… I couldn’t believe she did that…  she is just too bossy but she is really cute.   then there was Heather.  She looked good at first and we used to always get coffee after Spanish class.  She asked me out and we went to a restaurant but she has some serious problems.  First of all she is anorexic and has a lot of problems at home.  I think that is what contributes to her strange behavior.  Hopefully there will be a few hotties in my new classes this quarter.  

Journal Entry – 11.17.1996

Well It’s about time I started writing again huh.   School is going well and I am enjoying it immensely.  I am lifting everyday except on weekends with this girl named Taesen.  She is very good looking and sweet.  However she has a boyfriend but she is fun to be around because we always get into “discussions”.. … We argue about everything and never have a dull moment.  I still miss Nyla to an extent.  She is so beautiful and sweet.  However she dropped me like a bad habit and doesn’t call or talk to me anymore.  Oh well your bound to get shit on some time or another in this life huh……. I am kind of disappointed that none of my friends will be coming home for the whole winter break.  Everyone has an apartment now and it’s just not profitable to come home..  I miss the nights at Nichol’s and Clifton’s playing Presidents and Assholes and finishing case after case.  All my friends from HS are doing their own thing now and I hardly ever see any of them anymore.  Ryan is always at work or with Jen.  Glenda is always working, at school or with John.   I really haven’t made too many guy friends while I have been up here but I am still able to find a party every weekend.  But it’s just not the same……..  I miss having coffee with Cliff and talking about everything under the sun.   I dunno I dunno.   Crazy stuff man.   My roommate leaves every weekend to see his girlfriend.   This weekend they were supposed to come here but stood me up and Jenny Morris was supposed to come visit me on Friday and she stood me up also so I ended up going to a party by myself and had a pretty good time.  I had to work Saturday and didn’t feel like going out afterwards.  I went to church today then did a little homework and then went home.  Now I am back and should get started since I have a Econ midterm on Wednesday……..well I’m outta here…