Journal Entry – 6.10.1998

Well here I am sitting in the fund again.  Alejandro and I just got back from travelling.  There are a lot of Puertoriqueños here now.  Ellos van a salir domingo, y lunes los estudianes nuevos van a venir por el semestre del verano.  I do have a lot of stuff to write but I think right now I just want to listen to my new CD’s and play solitare.

Journal Entry – 3.31.1998

Well it has been a hell of a day.  I woke up around 11.  I am such a lazy bastard I don’t want to get up ever.  I missed both my classes.  I guess my reasoning was that we really don’t do much in class and I could use the time better doing the mounds of homework I have.  I did get a lot done today though. 

Journal Entry – 3.30.1998

Oh my goodness!!  I can finally write on this damn thing.  I was having problems with my computer for a little bit there but it just turned out to be some stupid key strings in the registry about a program I deleted.  Anyways I have so much to say I don’t know where to begin!!  Let’s start with the weekend!!  Alejandro, Arianna and I went to a place called Benidorm which is a beach near Alicante.  It was like the twilight zone cause there was only old people there!!  All friggin old people! 

Journal Entry – 3.8.1998

Ok it’s Sunday night and I just got back from my travels this weekend.  I did pretty good on my three midterms last Thursday.  I took two in a row in the morning and practically went brain dead. 

But anyway, this weekend I went to Madrid on Friday and got there about two.  First we went shopping and I bought my first Spanish CD.  It’s called SKA-P.  It has a lot of good songs on it they play in the bars a lot.  Then I bought a new bag to travel with cause I have no idea what happened to my red Wilson one.  I also finally bought a Spanish/English dictionary.