Journal Entry – 3.30.1998

Oh my goodness!!  I can finally write on this damn thing.  I was having problems with my computer for a little bit there but it just turned out to be some stupid key strings in the registry about a program I deleted.  Anyways I have so much to say I don’t know where to begin!!  Let’s start with the weekend!!  Alejandro, Arianna and I went to a place called Benidorm which is a beach near Alicante.  It was like the twilight zone cause there was only old people there!!  All friggin old people! 

Journal Entry – 3.8.1998

Ok it’s Sunday night and I just got back from my travels this weekend.  I did pretty good on my three midterms last Thursday.  I took two in a row in the morning and practically went brain dead. 

But anyway, this weekend I went to Madrid on Friday and got there about two.  First we went shopping and I bought my first Spanish CD.  It’s called SKA-P.  It has a lot of good songs on it they play in the bars a lot.  Then I bought a new bag to travel with cause I have no idea what happened to my red Wilson one.  I also finally bought a Spanish/English dictionary. 

Journal Entry – 2.19.1998

OK I was really sick.  I have stayed home all day today.  I have to get over this.  I think it’s the flu.  I felt like shit last Monday and that night I couldn’t sleep, I had a fever and started sweating and my sheets were soaked.  Then I started freezing and after that sweating again.  It sucked.  I couldn’t make it to my morning classes on Tuesday but went there in the afternoon.  Tuesday night I couldn’t sleep that well but went to class Wednesday.  I was OK till about 3 then I got a huge fever and felt like hell.  So today I have stayed in all day and took my pills.  I’ll be OK.  Tomorrow we are going to take the path Don Quixote took. 

Journal Entry – 2.11.1998

Well another day has gone by.  I didn’t do much today but a little homework.  I had to write a friggin’ paper on some story I didn’t really understand in Spanish.  It took me forever.  Tomorrow is Valentines Day!! I kinda have a girlfriend I guess.  I might ask her to be my girlfriend tomorrow.  We will just have to see.  I hope I’m able to buy her some flowers before I go.

Journal Entry – 9.28.1997

Well school has started and I’m living in the Frat House.  This first week has been nothing but parties.  I have met a ton of people but the drinking is way too much.  This coming up week is gonna be party central.  There is a party every single night.  It’s rush week so they are at the Annex.  It’s a little tough living in the house because of all the noise.  It’s not too bad here in the Pits but last night car alarms kept going off.  But I’m having fun.