Journal Entry – 3.8.1999

I had a great weekend.  Tory came down to visit me.  I had been preparing for her visit since the Friday before.  I had soo much homework to get done and did it all.  Now the weekend is over and I have my final paper to write for Int. Studies which is going to be rough.  Also I have a ton of accounting to get done.  That class makes me nervous.  Anyway back to the weekend.  I am in love with Tory.  She is without a doubt the greatest girl I have ever known.  She in now my girlfriend.  It still hasn’t sunk in yet.  I’ve been single for so long so I’m still waiting for the big emotions to hit.  The weekend went by too fast.  On Thursday night we went to BW3’s on campus and met up with Glenda and Tate.  Then we went to Zigs. 

Journal Entry – 3.1.1999

So here I sit, wondering where my life will go next.  College is and has gone by so fast.  I just got off the phone with Amanda and I miss all my friends.  Things have changed so much.  I usually am alone now, my friends from HS have gotten girlfriends and basically have a different life than I do.  I went on to college they did not. 

Journal Entry – 2.15.1999

I am pumped up.  I just checked my score on my accounting midterm and I got a 22 out of 40 which isn’t that bad.  I’m still in the ballgame!!  Nothing is going to stop me now.  I am going to pass this course weather my prof likes it or not.  I am going to study like I’m on a mission.  I was so scared that I was done for but by some miracle I’m still surviving.  Everything is going well in my life.  My other two classes, Spanish and International business are going great and I’m going to Mexico this summer!! 

Journal Entry – 1.21.1999

Life is going pretty well.  Alejandro called me a few days ago and it looks like we are going to San Diego for Spring Break!!  I really can’t wait to go and see all the fundies again!  Next weekend I’m travelling to Purdue to see Tory also.  It’s her birthday on Thursday and her roommate is throwing her a party.  It should be a great time.  I have an accounting exam on Monday and starting tomorrow I’m doing nothing but studying.  It should suck pretty bad.  It is so damn hard.  Everything else is going pretty well though but I can’t wait for San Diego.

Journal Entry – 1.11.1999

School is not going to be easy this quarter.  Accounting is really hard.  Spanish is pretty difficult but I do like Spanish so I’m not worried about that.  I feel like I got a lot done today.  Working out was the main thing.  I always feel so good after working out.  I can’t believe I’ve been back from Spain for so long.  Things are so different for me now.  I guess I’m just going through some down time.  Laurel was just over and we are getting along again through the strong will of mine.  I can handle her.  It’s no use making enemies, life is hard enough.